Mary Greely: Jewerly Maker

After teaching English for 30 years at Kennebunk High School, Mary Greely began making jewelry when she took classes in West Palm Beach about 15 years ago. She has been hooked ever since.

Mary Greely HandsToday she makes her art for clients through her work with Visibility on Washington Avenue in Portland. Greely works to create unique and interesting jewelry from all types of materials. From the cool buttons on someone’s dress to a washer in someone’s toolbox, Greely is always on the prowl for things to turn into art. Some of the materials she works with regularly are Swarovski crystal and pearls, Cane Glass and Kazuri beads that come from a supplier in Bridgton.

“I look for materials and designs in the colors of nature,” she says.

Mary Greely JewelryGreely likes to create jewelry for brides, bridal parties and the brides’ moms, too. She also focuses her art on rebuilding and recreating older pieces of jewelry that have been tucked away for many years. She brings new life to old art.

She can be found every day at 11:30 a.m. eating lunch at her desk at Visibility. She may no longer be teaching in a classroom, but she’s not been able to escape her former school lunch schedule.

Carie Costello is a certified color and style consultant who enjoys working with clients at her shop, Visibility, in Portland.

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