MAINE STYLE: Labor and Delivery Nurse Aimee Burgess

MAINE STYLE: Labor and Delivery Nurse Aimee Burgess

Although Aimee Burgess now calls Westbrook home, she grew up in North Yarmouth, Maine, in the home where her parents still live today. When Burgess first became a nurse in 2014, she knew in her heart that Labor and Delivery was the right fit. However, the winding path there expanded her skills with time spent nursing in both Psychiatric and Respiratory Medicine, to name a few. Looking back now, with both feet firmly planted in Labor and Delivery at Maine Medical Center, she is grateful for the experiences. Nothing more quickly clarifies what is right than trying out something “wrong”! “Labor and Delivery will forever be my home and my family,” says Burgess.

During the warmer months, you’ll often find her heading to the beach after leaving the hospital to take a nap and enjoy the sunshine. “Working the night shift gives me the freedom to still participate in summer activities,” she says. In winter, this Mainer is an avid skier. Burgess has gone skiing with her mom since she turned eight, and excitedly informed me she’s already bought her Nitro season pass for Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon Mountain.

Cooking is another of Burgess’ favorite activities. During the pandemic, she’s been making bagels and bread for her coworkers to bring home. “The smiles on their faces makes time in a hot kitchen well worth it.” she adds. Thankfully, she also has her two cats, a dog, and roommates for company while baking. Her childhood friend and roommate Chelsea is also the artist behind Burgess’ gorgeously bold eye makeup.

Although Burgess doesn’t consider herself a trendsetter, she was quick to notice one of her teammates, Brittney, wearing bold, colorful eye makeup for her shifts. Their smiles of encouragement to birthing moms no longer visible behind their masks, the cheerful makeup became an alternative method for these nurses to show support. These days, despite their long hours and additional safety measures due to COVID-19, most of Labor and Delivery has added this look into their getting-ready-for-work routine. It might seem small, but to this Mama, the nurses’ sparkly and often rainbow eyes are an outward sign of the love, care, and attention to detail these frontline workers put into their jobs every day.

Describe your style in one sentence.

My style can be described as low-key comfort.

Is it “Maine” style? If so, how? If not, how does it deviate?

I would say my style is pretty spot-on compared to other women in Maine. I have many outfits that count as fashion and function. I can go from gardening to drinks with the girls with little to no changing. And of course, I own a few plaid shirts and LL Bean slippers.

First outfit you remember picking out and loving, feeling great in?

I’ve always been a fan of a little black dress. I can pair it with anything and feel amazing no matter where I am.

How old were you when you felt like you developed a style of your own?

This is a loaded question, haha! I have plenty of pictures from the mid-2000s that show I had absolutely no style whatsoever. I think I only really felt comfortable in my own skin and style when I was in my mid-20s. I was able to embrace what my body had to offer and feel comfortable with me.

Last memorable outfit:

When I went on vacation, I purchased this lovely long black maxi dress with cutouts at the top that flowed around me when I walked in my wedge sandals. I felt regal wherever I went. By far my most memorable outfit.

Favorite bricks and mortar place to buy clothing in Maine?

Unfortunately, I find myself shopping at chain stores due to my size and fit in clothing. The number one place I purchase clothing is Torrid. I do have snow gear from LL Bean and North Face.

Best clothing shoes or accessory bargain of all time:

The best clothing bargain would be that I never have to buy scrubs, since my job provides them to me due to my specific job.

Most you ever spent on something to wear?

I’m on my feet for 12+ hours a shift, so I need shoes that can keep up with my movement. I currently have a pair of Brooks sneakers that I bought for $150, which work wonders on my feet. I have a pair for home and a designated work pair. When I’m at home you will find me in my favorite pair of well-weathered Birkenstocks. So, when it comes down to it, I spend the most money on what goes on my feet.

Who is your style icon of all time?

It’s hard to pick one style icon. Ashley Graham and Lizzo are my top favorites for their body positivity. They are beautiful and flawless in whatever they are wearing, and they aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind.

Who is your style icon in Maine (dead or alive)?

My coworker Brittney is my go-to for any fashion advice. Every outfit she puts on appears effortless—she’s the team fashion guru.

Mountains or coast?

You could never take me away from the coast. No matter where I live, I will always need to be by the ocean. The fresh ocean air makes me feel like I’m home. My boyfriend is a lobsterman in Harpswell, so we spend lots of time around the ocean.

What would you refuse to wear?

The first things that come to mind are Bermuda shorts and the next is a poncho. I can’t tell you why. Something about even thinking about putting those on my body makes me cringe.

Do you own Bean boots? If yes, how many pairs? If not, what do you wear in the snow?

Surprisingly, I do not own a pair of Bean boots anymore. I had a pair for many years but when they wore out, I had a difficult time finding another pair that would live up to the old ones. I have a pair of Bogs I wear out in the snow and up to the ski mountains. I do however own a pair of LL Bean slippers which are on my feet all winter long in the house.

Where do you get your style inspiration? Magazines, movies, social media?

I would say most of my style inspiration comes from social media and my co-workers.

What is your current “go-to” outfit or item of clothing?

My current go-to item of clothing, which I’m actually wearing as I write, this is a black cotton blend dress that I like to pair with a slouchy knit cardigan.

What do you change into after a long day?

At my job I need to wear hospital provided scrubs, due to the fact that I could be asked to go into the OR at any time. This being the case, I usually wear a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt into the hospital. So, I’m always dressed in total comfort on my way to and from work.

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