MAINE STYLE: Good to Go Style

MAINE STYLE: Good to Go Style

Kyle Lamont’s story begins and continues in Sullivan, Maine. While her parents’ divorce and her own love of travel have led Kyle to call a few other cities home, her Maine roots run deep. Kyle’s production company, Good To Go Studios, is located in downtown Ellsworth and their latest film The Mushroom Huntress was filmed entirely on Mount Desert Island. The fictional short film not only tells a fascinating story, but its very creation aims to show the world that rural Maine is not just a beautiful backdrop on a movie or tv set, but also a viable hub for filmmakers.

Raised by parents who fell in love while working at HBO together, Kyle credits them for her start in filmmaking. “I guess you could say that production is in my DNA,” she says. “It is a passion, and I give thanks for it every day.” Her time spent studying journalism at University of Mizzou and subsequent introduction to the local music scene via a music festival laid the groundwork for her other passion: her newly released podcast, Concert Cast.

The idea for Concert Cast has been simmering for over a decade. Living in NYC for five years, Kyle began interviewing venue owners, bands, raving fans, and more, both in the city and on her road trips. Always experimenting, she created a web series, moved to Europe, and started filming commercials as well.

In 2012, Kyle moved back to Sullivan after losing her father. She has channeled her energy into launching her creative business in Maine, and into searching out other local creatives for collaboration in her projects. From waitressing in Bar Harbor to interning with a local cable TV show on the island, the road to making a living as a creative in Maine is never a straightforward one. Kyle’s hard work also landed her a huge client: Matador Network. As producer and director, she led the ideation and execution of campaigns which included travel commercials for brands like Subaru, Southwest Airlines, and GoPro. The resulting work, which allowed her to combine her creativity, love of travel, and filmmaking experience, earned Kyle four Addy Awards and a screening at Sundance as part of the Sundance Storytelling Series.

One thing is abundantly clear—thirty-something Kyle is a powerhouse of energy and creativity. Despite the challenges of running a small business in Maine during the pandemic, she decided now was the time to release her podcast Concert Cast. The fruition of over a decade spent listening, traveling, meeting, documenting and storytelling about the music industry begins with a series focused on artists and venues here in Maine. When I asked Kyle why she decided to launch the podcast now, she explained her reasoning: “Under normal circumstances, a concert is a way to find joy and unity. Now, while venues are closed, as I reminisce on concert culture, I can see even more than ever before how instrumental (pun intended) music venues actually are to our communities, and to society. As we struggle with tough realities of this pandemic, racial division, the uncertainties of the economy, and more . . . I’m releasing this huge body of content, about two industries hit hard by the pandemic—live music and travel. My hope is that Concert Cast provides an escape for those of you who still love live music—and can’t wait to hit the road again!”

You can connect with Kyle on either of her websites, and, or find her on Instagram @Kyle_Lamont.


How would you describe your style?

I say it’s like the Downeast Version of Spice Girls . . . sort of different depending on mood (and weather) every day. One day I’m Hiker Spice girl, next day I am Downtown Ellsworth Urban Chic Spice girl wearing black on black with a sexy clutch, next day I’m Comfy Spice girl, in yoga pants and a big sweatshirt (of course representing my friends lobster boat FV Ain’t Miss Behavin!), and the next day I’m Video or Podcast Production Spice girl in jeans or overalls with black or gray V-neck t-shirt, good boots, and a fanny pack. My fanny packs are a necessity on set: Practical but Pretty. An article of Black is always part of the ensemble . . . with a pop of colorful accessories. I usually accessorize with a leather fanny pack (called Franny) from Maven Emma Thieme and gorgeous earrings from Lauren Loraine, who makes handmade fine wood jewelry inlaid with precious stone or metal. When I’m feeling really fancy, a pair of gorgeous silver earrings from Sam Shaw. The biggest perk of making videos with artist and designer friends around here: Trades!


Is it “Maine” style? If so, how? If not, how does it deviate?  

I am not sure. I think traveling so much and also being obsessed with movies, tv shows, and live music has influenced me. I absorb a lot of pop culture, which is reflected in my style.


First outfit you remember picking out and loving, feeling great in? 

My sister and I loved picking out our clothes the night before school and laying them out on the floor like paper dolls. I had this floral dress with a matching hat that my dad got for me from Macy’s when he took me on my first trip to NYC. Little did I know that 10 years later, I would be living in NYC and working at the same store where he bought it! My dad was always big on style, too. During the short time I spent there, I always had so much fun designing the mannequins (even though they weren’t my department, so I was yelled at for doing it!).


How old were you when you felt like you had developed a style of your own? 

I think college. But continuously still trying to figure it out. I went to my first music festival sophomore year of college and started working at a music venue called The Blue Note. I remember being more intentional and experimental about clothes, and music. I guess you could say I began dressing like an urban hippie—awesome hats and belts, wild purses, funky boots. It was a fun time of not giving a damn, which was freeing because as an athlete, you have to. There’s also a never-ending style question for me: Does the music you listen to dictate what you wear, or does what you wear dictate what you listen to?


Last memorable outfit:

That would be my outfit for the London BFI Film Festival to screen our short Film, Passive Aggressive Dads. I wore a black-and-red floral dress with bell sleeves and a keyhole neckline, black tights, and my black Stetson hat. I think my smile could count as part of that outfit as well—how I felt that day has a lot to do with it also. It was a big moment for a little film. But a film that is so damn timeless and funny! (shameless plug). It’s on our website if you want to learn more!


Favorite bricks and mortar place to buy clothing in Maine?

Reny’s. I always find something brilliant in Reny’s—cute handbags, perfect jeans, clogs, Carharts—affordable and fashionable! Reny’s for life!


Do you thrift? If so, where?  

Yes, at 2nd to None in Downtown Ellsworth, and Goodwill in Ellsworth


Best clothing shoes or accessory bargain of all time: 

My Stetson hat, [gotten] while in Nevada for a four-part video commercial series for Airstream X Matador Network X TravelNevada. During the course of production, I was on the hunt for a hat but never found one. On my drive back to Maine (epic road trip), I stopped at a boot and tack shop in Missouri—and bingo—the hat was, like, waiting for me to find it. I took one look at the hat and knew. I am still on the search for a leather jacket . . .


Most you ever spent on something to wear? 

Hmmmm, does a new Canon camera body count? I wear it around my neck practically everywhere!


Who is your style icon of all time? 

I would have to say my mom. She has always been so stylish, ever since I can remember. I borrow a lot of her clothes. She is so edgy and fun, with wicked hats, cool shoes, and purses to die for. You wouldn’t believe how amazing her closet is.


Who is your style icon in Maine (dead or alive)? 

I wish I could pull off the look that Angelikah Fahray does. She is a gorgeous Indie/R&B/folk singer from Portland—sexy and chic and totally one of a kind.


Mountains or coast? 

Coast. As a swimmer I have an affinity with water . . . lakes, quarries, ponds, and Frenchman’s Bay. That’s where you will find me when not at the office or on film set. Fun fact: I swam the English Channel at 13 years old!


What would you refuse to wear? 

Anything with a Looney Tunes print on it.


Do you own Bean boots? If yes, how many pairs? If not, what do you wear in the snow?

No. Please don’t judge. I’m more of a Muck boot girl. The first time I put a pair of Muck’s on was to be a stern woman for a day on my friend’s lobster boat. The comfort and durability were insane. They are the best in the snow, for sure. I don’t think I have ever tried on a pair of Bean boots—would you believe it?


Where you do get your style inspiration? Magazines, movies, social media? 

Movies, tv shows, books, and my friends here Downeast. The way they make living in the middle of nowhere stylish—well, you would have to see it to believe it.


What is your current “go to” outfit or item of clothing?

Jean skirt with a cropped tie-dye shirt that has an image of a polaroid camera screen printed on it—a thrift store find but makes me feel comfy and cute. Shoes are also an easy way to change up the look. I just got these great red shoes from Reny’s!  I’m telling you, that place is awesome!


What do you change into after a long day?

I have these snuggly bell bottoms that are both flattering and comfy, plus a concert t-shirt.


Outfit/Makeup details:

Look 1:
Black tank
Denim Skirt: Buffalo Exchange
Earrings by: my Mom 🙂


Look 2:
Denim vest
Black shorts: Buffalo Exchange
Earrings by Lauren Loraine
Bag: Old Creamery – Downtown Ellsworth Antique Store
Vintage suitcase/camera gear carrier

Lipstick in both looks: laura mercier – fuschia mauve

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