November Street Style

Forget the runways and fashion magazines for what-should-I-wear inspiration. We took it to the streets to find our very own local style icons. Here’s what the women of downtown Portland are wearing.

street-smart-girls-on-benchIt’s pretty cute when couples dress alike, but girlfriends Heather and Julien said their matching styles were simply accidental. Take a style cue from these ladies and start from the bottom up in a can’t-go-wrong pair of black boots. Whether you go classic in Doc Martens like Heather or in a lace-up knee-high, black is always the new black.

street-styleElena first moved to Maine six years ago when she came from Russia to study at Colby College. When it comes to mixing patterns, Elena says, “I don’t give it any thought at all!” So that’s the secret. If you’ve ever wondered how to make mixing work, follow Elena’s advice: Don’t overthink it. Just go for it.

street-style-oj-grandmaIf you’re not a fan of the pumpkin latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin-everything trend in the fall, you’re not alone. But if we’re talking pumpkin as a color, Colleen has us convinced. This proud grandma was in town visiting from that other New England state that starts with an “M,” but we’re glad she brought some fashion savvy with her.

street-style-polka-dotsAnna’s dotty demeanor wasn’t an intentional outfit choice, but a quick grab-and-go of the sweater closest to her door when she was leaving her East End apartment. If Anna’s outfit has you seeing spots, try layering a smaller polka dot with a larger one, or go nuts and try layering a dot over stripes.

Is your downtown crawling with style? Let us know and we’ll send our roving fashion team to do some street spotting. Email us at

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