Made in Maine: Tröskö Designs

Clean design and a pop of color from Solvejg Makaretz’s Tröskö Designs

“I created my own little niche out of skills and passions I had,” says Solvejg Makaretz, founder of Tröskö, a Yarmouth-based textile design and product company.

This niche was created out of need. Makaretz, who had a 25-year career as an architect, found business slowing after the 2008 recession hit. So she returned to her roots. Growing up in Denmark and Sweden, Makaretz expressed her creativity through sketching and fiber arts. While studying ethnology, she became further intrigued by textile arts.

Photo by Kari Herer

“I fell back on my passion for textiles and drawing,” says Makaretz.

Tröskö has since grown in its offerings and its name recognition. This past April, Martha Stewart picked Makaretz’s pillow designs as a “must have.”

Tröskö’s zippered pouches ($26) are perfect for stashing makeup, change, chargers or art supplies. Photo by Kari Herer


Makaretz designs the bold patterns and carefully selects the coloration for her product line. The design is then printed on fabric by other companies—the zipper bags and some pillows are printed by a company in North Carolina, the FIR and FISH pillows, linen clutches and towels are screen-printed in Portland—and shipped to her studio. The fabric for the pillows and zippered pouches are then cut and carefully hand sewn. Similarly, she designs the imagery for her tea towels and serving trays, but outsources the manufacturing on those particular products.

Photo by Kari Herer

In addition to the items sold on her website, Makaretz contracts her design savvy to others, including Maine companies such as Sea Bags, Belted Cow Company and Seawicks Candle Co. She attends international design and textile conferences to further pitch her work to the world.

Here in Maine, however, Tröskö’s zippered pouches are the biggest hit, says Makaretz. She has customers who buy them in multiples and use them for everything from stashing makeup, change, chargers or art supplies. And, as Martha Stewart says, the pillows are definitely a “must have” for those unafraid to incorporate a pop of color and clean design into their homes.

Find Makaretz’s work online or at Seawicks in Boothbay Harbor, Brahms Mount in Freeport or Beachdashery in South Portland, to name a few.

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