Made in Maine: Blue Spruce Candle

It smells like winter in the woods—it smells like Christmas! Like all the candles from Pensieve Candle Company, made by Chelsey Small in Freeport, the Blue Spruce candle is made with all-natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, 100 percent cotton wicks and reusable containers. It’ll fill your home with the scent of evergreens and elicit memories of snowy hikes and tree decorating when you were a kid. Pensieve makes other scents, too, like Amber + Vanilla, Black Sea, Citrus + Hydrangea, Lavender, Rose + Wildflower, Oakmoss + Amber and Sea Salt + Ocean Air. Candles available in 5-ounce tins ($10) and 8-ounce jars ($16). Buy online or find some scents for sale at Rustic Arrow in Freeport.

Photo by Shannon Bryan

Small also teaches make-your-own candle workshops at Rustic Arrow each month.


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