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As a hairstylist and owner of a busy salon for nearly two decades, I’ve seen many beauty “secrets” come to light. I have enlightened my guests to something as simple, yet life-changing, as eyebrow shaping more times than I can count. It still surprises me that some people don’t know that most of us tweeze, thread, wax or otherwise shape our brows (but I’m also secretly happy they think we #wokeuplikethis).

decpolish3From hair removal and extensions to bleaching and tinting, I think people trust us with their beauty secrets because they know we’ll keep them a secret. Besides, many of our regular guests are hip to what we’ve known for years: Lots of people seek out professionals for tweaks to their appearance, from the subtle to the bold.

And while most of us don’t want to wield a bullhorn to announce what we’ve “had done,” it helps to know that these services have become increasingly common. If you’re thinking, “that’s so Hollywood,” think again. This stuff has become pretty mainstream. So if you’re curious, ask a professional at a local salon.

Here are 10 things that have become part of the regular ol’ person’s beauty regimen:

Brazilian/brozilian wax (yes, many men book this service!)
Full facial hair removal, i.e. waxing, threading, laser hair removal
Eyelash extensions
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
Non-surgical cellulite and fat reduction procedures
Hair additions and extensions
Cosmetic dentistry
Permanent makeup

Alanna York has owned Head Games Salon for Hair & Body, based in Portland, for 17 years. Her professional career began in the early 1990s when she discovered the passion and excitement that came from enhancing the natural beauty in all of her clients.

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