Like no other experience

Like no other experience

It doesn’t matter that women have been giving birth for centuries. When it’s your turn, it’s special. Every pregnancy, every labor, every delivery, and every baby is as different and unique as we all are as individuals. This issue of Maine Women takes a look at pregnancy and childbirth with an eye on presenting options and information – with a little humor and history in the mix.

During much of my first pregnancy, I felt ambivalent. I planned to have a baby. I just didn’t think I would get pregnant on the first attempt, but I did and then I felt a little – well – rushed. I wrote letters to my unborn baby telling her I was not sure what kind of mom I would be. I was 29, working at a metro daily newspaper, in a brand-new department that I had created. I was busy, and I was the first manager in that company to become pregnant. It was a confusing time. My pregnancy was not difficult or unusual, and when my due date came and went, I wasn’t too concerned. I went into labor 10 days after my due date – and 28 hours later, with the help of a full medical team and surgical forceps that looked like large barbecue tongs, I delivered my meconium-soaked bundle of joy.

At that moment, and in the moments that followed over the next few days, my life changed forever. Once I became a MOM, I became a different person in that I never again thought of, or put myself, first. This has never felt like a sacrifice to me, and I do not feel deprived in any way. Quite the opposite, really. My life is full and rich and wonderful because I am a mother. And, I know it sounds a little “Hallmark-ish,” but I really am a better person because I am a mom. It has softened me. And it has hardened me, and also has made me more tolerant and more understanding of differences in the world. It’s also completely depleted every financial resource I ever had or ever thought of having – but that’s a different story.

Whether you are pregnant or you are a mom, or thinking about it – or just know some people in one of those categories – you’ll probably find something interesting, useful or funny to read in this issue of Maine Women. We would love to hear from you. Log on to our Facebook page– www.facebook/mainewomen – anytime and post your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

–Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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