Letters Received in March, 2011

Great potential

We absolutely love this magazine and think the potential is great.

Julie Ann LaBouve

Nvest Financial Group, LLC


Amazing woman

I just recently picked up the March 2011 copy of Maine Women and was surprised to find my boss, Catherine Carty-Wilbur, not listed. Catherine is co-owner or “Queen” of Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections. She usually goes unrecognized because everyone thinks that her husband Tom is the one and only owner, but we all know the truth.

I hope that you contact me and want to learn more about this amazing women.

Darci Lapierre-Brown


Enjoyed profiles

I picked up your last issue and enjoyed the profiles of women entrepreneurs. If you do that again in the future, or if you want to profile a Maine business founded by a great woman entrepreneur, I would like to suggest that you interview my boss, Heather Chandler. She is the owner/publisher of The SunriseGuide and founded the business six years ago.

Isabel Aley

The SunriseGuide


Ad seen

I’ve got to tell you that I am getting a number of calls from my ad in Maine Women.

I have at least five new clients because of it and lots of my friends said they saw the ad. That says a lot for your publication and its distribution. So glad we met. Thank you.

Maura A. Halkiotis CPA


What about Ruth?

I lost my job in 1999 after 18 years of service. From there I went to Seacoast Career School for 14 months leaving with an administrative assistant specialist training under my belt. I was so ready to tackle the work force. Little did I know that the work force wasn’t ready for me yet.

My counselor from the unemployment office led me to a program with Women, Work, and Community and Ruth Grave’s on Saco Island. She has a small office located within University College of Maine. I took the class that she offered and also found a job working with her in her office. Her classes also helped to build self-esteem and a new sense of self that I needed at that time and will have with me always.

Each time I have picked up your magazine Maine Women, Ruth came to my mind and I thought, “Why doesn’t someone write about Ruth and the program that she offers to Maine women?”

Joyce Leland, medical secretary

University Health Care


Thanks for contributions

I’m not sure when Maine Women began. I just found a copy at the Apothecary on Marginal Way.

I’ve been running Kelsey+Co. since 2003 out of Portland. I very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into getting a business off the ground. I very much enjoyed reading this month’s contributions.

Thanks for the contributions you are making to recognizing women-owned businesses.

Margaret Kelsey Ed.M., P.M.P.




Wonderful idea

I recently picked up your magazine when I stopped by Robert’s Grill in Kittery for lunch. I was very impressed and wanted to drop you a line and congratulate you on what a great job you’ve done with this. I think it’s a wonderful idea and time that the wonderful, entrepreneurial Maine women are recognized.

Thank you for your foresight and initiative.

Maureen Regan, president

Seaside Vacation Rentals


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