We are all divine, says Marsha Stulz

We are all divine, says Marsha Stulz

Imagine how it might feel if you were lying comfortably on a table with your eyes closed and a person with a clear, beautiful voice began reciting a litany of positive statements with your name attached to each.

I can tell you from experience that it feels as if your loving grandmother has just folded you in her arms and told you that you are the most wonderful human being she has ever known. And that feels so good.

The statements are affirmations, which Marsha Stultz speaks out loud before she begins an energy healing session.

When I first walked into her workspace, I noticed that it felt peaceful.

“I try to keep the vibration of this room extremely high,” she explained. “I want this space to feel really good and to be a loving space. With a higher vibration we tend to feel more relief, with a denser vibration we tend to be more in our pain and suffering. You maintain a higher vibration by clearing the chakras, clearing your energy system.”

Stultz, who lives in Portland, has been a practicing energy healer and teacher for about 24 years. She believes she came into this life with a level of consciousness, as well as a strong curiosity. She discovered as a young woman, for instance, that she could lay her hands on someone and take away a migraine headache. She read several books that changed her life. One of them was “Hands of Light,” by Barbara Brennan, considered a classic in the field of healing arts.

“I devoured it,” she told me. “I loved it, and I thought, I have to do this work.”

Serendipitously, she was at a bookstore buying the book for a friend, when the salesclerk mentioned that a woman who taught energy healing was coming to Portland. He gave Marsha the woman’s phone number.

“I called her,” she said, “and when she answered the phone I said, ‘I think you’re my teacher and I have to learn from you.’”

She began her studies, even though at the time she was working her way through college. She continued to study with the woman after she had graduated and started a job as a social worker. She also started a small, private polarity therapy practice and began teaching that, as well. Eventually, she decided to quit social work and focus on her healing practice.

I learned about Marsha by asking questions. At the same time, she was learning about me by reading my aura or my energy field.

“Science can prove that yes, there is indeed a human energy field around the body,” she tells me. “We are sitting close enough that our energy fields are merging a little bit and everything there is to know about me is in my energy field and everything there is to know about you is in your energy field.”

The difference is, Marsha can read my energy field because she has “put attention to it and learned how.”

Here’s what she saw: “You hold a lot of beautiful shades of blue and a little bit of silver, but there’s also this beautiful yellow that emanates from you.”

Those are all good colors, of course. But healing is not only about reading energy fields. Marsha also asks questions and from me she learns that I could benefit from a little stress relief – couldn’t we all. She invites me to stretch out on the table and close my eyes. She places quartz crystals on my brow chakra and my heart chakra and then utters the beautiful affirmations. Using another quartz crystal, she begins her healing magic, shifting my energy so that all my chakras are clear and balanced. Marsha explains that we have seven chakras, through which our energy, or prana, flows, starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine and ending with the crown chakra at the top of the head.

“I look for where the energy is blocked, where it’s not flowing and open that up. My goal is to help people see their divine, radiant essence. One of the greatest things my teacher ever taught me was if you just see the divine in someone – if somebody comes here for an hour and a half and all I do is just see the divine in them – where else are they going to get that?

It is the first time I have met Marsha, the first time I have experienced her healing energy. I point out that many readers may be skeptical, even cynical, about what she does for a living.

“They aren’t my people,” she says.

As for me, I can tell you that I left feeling relaxed, nurtured and definitely interested in trying it again. Yes, I felt divine.

“I look for where the energy is blocked,” says Marsha Stultz, an energy healer and teacher. Courtesy photo

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