Kate Grout & Her Camera

That thing that I love and just can’t seem to get enough of? Photography. I absolutely love taking and looking at pictures. I first got interested in photography in middle school, taking pictures of friends being silly, and I remember taking selfies as early as 1995, when I was 12 years old and obsessed with disposable and Polaroid cameras.

Kate Grout has a passion for photography. With her Sony A6000, she captures honest moments and plays with natural light and angles. Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

I am mostly self-taught, but I took a couple of photography/media classes in high school. My education in photography is decades of practice and having “an eye” for it. I look for the beautiful, unusual and honest moments and love to play with natural light and angles. I always love capturing natural, candid moments and showing the true essence of the subject. I especially love when I can capture moments of pure joy that make others happy.

I capture the beauty happening before me, and often am surprised by what comes into the frame. I love noticing new things about a photo when I’m editing. I am a perfectionist, which can be my downfall, so I try give the photo life without taking away from the natural beauty of the moment. My style of editing is to make the photo more crisp and vibrant or to direct focus to a certain part of the frame. I do a lot of landscape shots as well as action shots of performers and musicians.

Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

Photography is how I express myself and point of view. I have found that the more you are staring at what’s in front of you with a lens, the more you are able to capture. Photography is like a language to me: I speak through it.

Kate Grout, 34, is a secretary at the Pediatric Center at MaineGeneral Medical Center in Waterville. She loves being outside, especially at the beach or in the woods and finds serenity in both.

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