Kate Braestrup: From tragedy, memoirs and more

The New York Times bestselling author Kate Braestrup moved to Maine 1986 when her husband, James Andrew Griffith, accepted a position on the Maine State Police force. Ten years later, Griffith was killed in a car accident while on duty, leaving her a widowed Kate Braestrupmother of four young children. Griffith was planning on becoming a Universalist Unitarian minister, and in the years after his death, Braestrup began the process of fulfilling the intentions of her late husband. She was ordained by the Bangor Theological Seminary in 2004 and has been the chaplain of the Maine Warden Service since 2001. Her memoir, “Here if You Need Me,” was published in 2007 and chronicles her journey from widowhood to the chaplaincy. The book won the Barnes and Noble Discover Award for Nonfiction and was a national bestseller. Her most recent book, “Anchors and Flares: A Memoir of Motherhood, Hope and Service,” was published in 2015. She has also written for national magazines. She has since remarried and now lives with her husband, artist Simon van der Ven, and their children in midcoast Maine. For more information, visit www.katebraestrup.com.

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