It’s a question of balance

I hear a lot of women talking about their emotional health and the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit. I have for many years touted that “it’s all about balance.” I believe this, but I never really understood the force and power behind this simple approach to life.

Many experts talk about nourishing and nurturing the mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal life balance. There are many things that we can do, every day, that help to keep ourselves in balance:

Sleep: We need to get enough sleep regularly for everything to function the way it should.

Exercise: It’s important to keep the body moving, all parts of it. We don’t have to be fitness freaks. We just need to take a walk or ride a bike or dance or just do something beyond the scope of normal activity for about an hour a day.

Fresh air: Yup, your mother was right – get outside and play. You’ll be better for it, and if you exercise outside, it’s a bonus.

Diet: This doesn’t mean “go on a diet.” It means fuel your body with what it needs – and don’t give it a whole bunch of stuff that it doesn’t need.

Love: Have good love(s) in your life and take care of it, emotionally and physically.

All of these things, along with your own approach to spirituality, can work in harmony to give you the optimum output.

In this issue of Maine Women, we are introducing a variety of women who have devoted their lives to working with others to help them find – and fine tune – their individual harmonies with body, mind and spirit. Let us know what you think. Find us on Facebook or at

Lee Hews, Maine Women’s Publisher

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