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Some people think “style” in Maine boils down to a pair of Bean boots, a wool hat and a formless puffy coat. And while that’s certainly a popular ensemble during a frigid Maine winter, we also know that personal style runs the gamut in this state. True, Bean boots are definitely trendy right now (women all over the country are catching on to how cool—and functional—they are), but they are not our only method of self expression around here.

Maine women make their style statements in a variety of ways. Jack and Mary Designs, based in York, turns old sweaters into colorful winter accessories. Check out their cool lineup of bun warmers, fingerless gloves and more on page 62. If you like to wear things that honor our beautiful state, take a peek at Chaya Caron’s jewelry designs, which feature Maine wildflowers and our beautiful coastline, on page 60. I know a lot of women who like to buy clothing and jewelry made by women artisans. If this is your thing, you’ll like our feature on Meredith Brockington and Amie Artisans, her web-based company that features products made by women, many of whom are from right here in Maine. See page 22 for details.

As I charge ahead into the second half (I’m optimistic) of my life, I am still ridiculously interested in shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, but I’m shifting more toward comfort than anything else. I have some great boots with stiletto heels, which I love and will wear, so long as I don’t have to walk more than a few steps in any direction. I might have 20 pairs of jeans on a shelf, but there’s only a few that make regular appearances. I had on pair of skinny jeans the other night to go out with my husband to dinner and a show at the State Theatre. They looked great, but I knew I would be miserably uncomfortable before the headliner even took the stage. NO thanks, I opted for loose-fitting comfort.

If you are like me and you are looking for comfort and style, check out our story on Portland-based South Street Linen. The three women who own the shop offer a line of classically hip clothing and accessories, all made in Maine but loved by women all over the world. Read their story on page 34. Whether it’s a statement piece or a new wardrobe, you can find it at South Street Linen. Or maybe your taste and your wallet lean more toward thrifting and finding that one perfect item that screams your fashion statement. You’ll enjoy Lauryn Hottinger’s photo essay this month where she plucked a couple of local women out of the crowd at Local Sprouts in Portland and created an awesome photo shoot with items found at Goodwill. We feature one of these shots on our cover, with more inside on page 64.

What’s your style? What beauty products do you love? What is that one piece of clothing, jewelry or pair of shoes that you will not part with? We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and please take a minute to like us on Facebook and keep in touch throughout the month.

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