How we love to work out

“Maybe ‘love’ is too strong a word, but here’s how the women behind Maine Women Magazine like to work out, get active and stay fit.”

Amy Paradysz, writer
“I use a subscription video website that adds a new Pilates or stretch-based workout to my account every three days, and I try to get on my mat for a half hour a day. If I do, endorphins take over and then I want to do more active stuff.”

Karina Napier, sales director
“Ocean swimming, or stationary biking in front of politico talking heads—they make me pedal faster :)”

Claire Jeffers, columnist
“I like to mix it up. I weight train, swim, walk, jog, dance, catch a yoga class and do spontaneous push-ups and sit-ups in my living room when I need a break from work.”

Sue Miller, digital & social media
“I love hiking, but go infrequently. I own a pair of cross-country skis, which have seen the snow about three times in the last six years…my snowshoes have had three outings as well in that stretch of time. My treadmill is my go-to in the winter. Do I love it? Not so much, but it gets the job done until warmer weather returns.”

Katie Bell, columnist
“Music first, exercise second. I’m either at the gym blasting ’90s hip-hop or ’00 pop on the treadmill or elliptical to keep my feet moving, or in a spin class, in the dark, with high-energy music powering the pedals under me.”

Jessie Lacey, columnist
“I hate exercise with the core of my being yet my metabolism doesn’t care. So I tend to work out in the mornings by running on a treadmill while watching TV or movies or really anything to distract me from the fact that I am screaming internally.”

Lee Hews, publisher
“I like to get my exercise outside—only! For three seasons in Maine, I walk and hike about 5-8 miles a day. In the winter, I am mostly a couch potato, though you can often find me hiking or snowshoeing on the trails in Carrabassett Valley. I always sign up for yoga classes in the winter and sometimes I even go!”

Taylor Roberge, graphic designer
“I like lifting and running (sometimes, if I’m in the right mood for it), and when the weather isn’t frigid I like hiking and kayaking.”

Shannon Bryan, editor
“I like a blend of outdoor activity (cross-country and downhill in the winter, paddleboarding in the summer) and fitness classes, like yoga or boot camp. But recently I’ve gotten interested in strength training and wanting to be able to lift heavy things.”


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