How to look hot when weather is cold

How to look hot when weather is cold

It is difficult to look your best when you’re bundled up to protect yourself against cold winter weather. After all, fashion tends to fall by the wayside when the focus is on keeping warm. However, there are ways to put a fashionable foot forward, even if that well-clad foot is stepping in a puddle of slush.


Scarves serve a practical purpose, helping to keep your body warm, and they’re also a fashionable staple of winter wardrobes. Scarves can be used to dress up an ordinary ensemble, providing a chic or bohemian look as you navigate city streets. Crocheting or knitting scarves is still popular, but you don’t have to be a seasoned craftsman to include scarves in your wardrobe. Scarves come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, and there are many ways to knot a scarf, so you can create a different look each day.

Bold colors

Don’t get trapped in a pattern of dressing drab just because it’s gray outside. Embrace some bold splashes of color and they can brighten your day. Patterned dresses in bright hues were seen on the runways at Givenchy, Burberry and Prada shows this fall. Pair such attire with a long, flowing wool coat with a cinched belted waist and you will look on point for winter.

Contrasting fur

The “it” jacket on many runways this fall featured a contrasting shearling or fur collar. Whether you prefer faux fur or the real thing, a dash of something fuzzy by the neck can keep you warm and instantly add some style to your look. Fur can be used to dress up jeans and a sweater or even add a sophisticated touch to a business ensemble.

Statement coat

Boring winter coats need not be your only way to stay warm. Invest in a coat with a fun pattern, fabric or embellishments and it won’t matter what you are wearing underneath because the coat will attract all of the attention. Patterns will pop against the white background of a snowy landscape.

Convertible mittens

Fingerless gloves that have a mitten flap that can cover chilly fingers are a prime accessory for cold days. They allow easy access to smartphone screens, while also keeping your hands cozy when the wind kicks up.


The prospect of flattened, lifeless locks compels many men and women to forgo hats on cold days. But a few tricks can give you the best of both worlds: a warm head and nice hair. Begin by going for regular trims that will keep dried-out or split ends from becoming problematic. After washing your hair in the morning, apply a conditioning treatment to prevent fly-aways. Be sure your hair is completely dry before donning a hat, otherwise hair can become matted and look flat all day. Loose-fitting cotton or fleece hats may be less likely to flatten hair than a wool hat, and you can keep the hat slightly off the crown of your head to prevent your hair from flattening. When all else fails, women can pull their hair back into ponytails before putting on a hat, which can help keep a style in place better.

Bold colors, a statement coat, interestingly knotted scarves, and some simple strategies to prevent hat hair can have you looking fashionable no matter how low temperatures dip this winter. 

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