Healing Springs Eternal at Hopespring Holistic Health Institute

Healing Springs Eternal at Hopespring Holistic Health Institute

It all began with a recurring dream. While Jody Levy was raising her two children and working in the corporate world, she kept seeing three things: a barn, a pond and a wellness center.

Her vision of helping people achieve complete physical, emotional and spiritual healing stayed with her – even when she experienced what could have been a debilitating condition that was potentially life threatening. Toward the tail end of 2020, a fully recovered Jody realized her dream – the Hopespring Holistic Health Institute in the small York County town of Alfred.

“It’s about inner transformation. Helping people to get to a place where they can really thrive on every level: physical, emotional and spiritual,” said Jody, who is now 60 and fully engaged in her new enterprise that just marked its one-year anniversary in December.

As people look to fulfill New Year’s resolutions in 2022 that revolve around living more complete lives, Jody wants them to know that Hopespring is ready to serve them.

Jody is originally from Bucks County, just outside of Philadelphia. During her 30 years in the corporate world, she often mentored and counseled fellow employees.

“During that time, I had a strong yearning to support people,” Jody recalled. “At the time I did a lot of mentoring.”

Everything changed when Jody was diagnosed with Hereditary Angiodema – a very rare condition where the body starts to swell and cannot stop. “It was a very scary thing to happen at the time,” she said.

Jody was drawn to energy medicine to aid in her recovery. She received some training and used it to heal herself completely from this autoimmune condition. Her experience has inspired her to help people find their way to health and well-being using natural and holistic approaches.

When one visits Hopespring, it is clear that Jody found the very place she dreamed about. It is an oasis of healing tranquility that is conducive to achieve holistic healing of the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

“I set out to look for a property with a barn and pond on it and sure enough it found me,” Jody said. “The secret sauce for healing at Hopespring is the land and the water. It’s nature’s free medicine.”

Jody has also surrounded herself with a highly capable staff that consists of a medical director, mental health director, an integrative holistic nutritionist, holistic counselors, massage therapists, an acupuncturist, as well as a somatic ecotherapist who uses the natural beauty of Hopespring’s 9-acre parcel to support healing outdoors. Her staff offers a complete suite of integrative medicine, holistic counseling, and mind-body practices.

She also wants her retreat center to serve people of all ages and backgrounds. In 2022, Jody wants to focus on supporting those groups of people who may be experiencing the greatest stress, such as veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or teachers and healthcare workers who have had to endure the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hopespring will also offer deep-dive, inner transformational retreats that consist of three- to five days experiences that will include follow up support. She also plans to create a research arm, so they can document the power of their holistic treatment approaches, and show what works best for different conditions.

Each Friday, Jody offers a Zoom class at 10 a.m. that is complimentary, where she offers simple practices to help people to relieve their stress and anxiety. “When we restore the balance of the energy in our body, we feel better,” Jody said. “It’s never too late to change your life.”

Part of her mission also involves education and awareness so that more people who normally do not seek out a holistic approach to supporting their health and well-being, will give it a try – especially if they have not been able to gain relief and comfort from traditional medicine.

“I work with people all the time where I help them understand that when you are going and going, with high levels of stress and don’t refill your tank, your immune system suffers,” Jody explains. “The good news is that we all have the inner capacity to heal.”

“Once we understand the root cause of the issue, we can heal and find our way back to health and well-being,” Jody believes.

First and foremost, Jody wants people to view Hopespring as a retreat center regardless if they come for a massage or participate in a multiple day workshop on site. She encourages everyone who comes to Hopespring to make time to enjoy its wooded, tranquil setting or take time to quiet their mind at the pond. “It’s powerful medicine,” says Jody.

Jody, a holistic counselor and her integrative medicine staff offer the opportunity to meet together with someone for a comprehensive assessment in order to learn as much as they can about them, their lifestyle and their condition. They will then recommend a treatment plan to adress all levels of their being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“The real value in what we provide is helping to support the whole person, since the mind and body are totally interconnected” Jody said.

Helping people understand the root cause of their physical ailments is a very important part of the process, Jody said. For example, back pain is often not just physical. There is almost always an emotional component to it. Food is also a very important cause for inflammation in people’s bodies and is often a contributor to pain. Some of the conditions and issues they support include: anxiety and depression, autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, weight-related issues, women’s health, sleep-related issues, cancer support, self-discovery and relationship issues.

“We also offer programs designed for those on a journey of inner transformation who are seeking to move beyond limitation and step into their most authentic self,” Jody said.

Jody said there is no cookie cutter approach. Individualized attention is paid to each person. “We welcome each person with an open-heart and offer care and compassion as we support them.”

“We journey with a person. We partner with them,” she said. “We teach people to be empowered so they can manage their well-being themselves.”

Jody leads many of the workshops and also supports people with holistic counseling and a range of mind-body practices. She earned a Master’s degree in social work at 56 and is a licensed holistic counselor. Jody also serves as the executive director.

While she wears many hats and works hard, Jody also maintains an important work/life balance. “I try to walk the talk.”

For Jody, Hopespring “is a calling. I feel like this is what I am supposed to do to fulfill my life purpose.”

To learn more about Hopespring Holistic Health Institute in Alfred, please visit https://www.hopespringholistic.com.



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