Gal-entine’s Day

Gal-entine’s Day

It is February, which means the most dreaded of holidays for people who are single: Valentine’s Day. The day when all the country celebrates romance and love, and every other woman in your office gets flowers and chocolates delivered to her in the middle of the workday.

There is some good news this year, though. Because of the raging pandemic, this Valentine’s Day you are probably working from home. This change in venue means you will not have to pretend that Sandra’s flowers are so beautiful, and her husband is so incredibly thoughtful for sending them to her, instead of waiting until she got home, so she can flex to everyone in the office that she has a husband. (Aw, Sandra, those are so beautiful! You are so lucky. This interruption to gawk over your delivery is not a waste of my work time at all! Of course, I want to hear you read the card out loud.)

The other good news is that the spike in cases from Christmas and New Year’s means you are actually being safe and responsible by staying home. People who stay home on Valentine’s Day this year are role models for everyone. Yay you!

While you are being incredibly selfless by isolating yourself on this holiday, here are some ideas for really making this a true Gal-entine’s Day and celebrating yourself.

Treat Yourself

It has been a rough year for everyone. We are all missing our friends and family members. Zoom and Google Meet are just not the same as actually being together. But you made it through 2020, and even through the first month of 2021. You are here, you are alive, and you are important!

So, remind yourself of just how important you are. Since you do not have a significant other to spend money on, buy yourself something special. You deserve it, girlfriend.

That reading pillow that you have wanted for years but was just a little out of your causal spending price range? Time to splurge.

The earrings you fell in love with at your local jewelers? Make them yours.

Maybe you read my November article about Ka-ora Bracelets and really connected with one of those. Add to cart, ladies!

Perhaps there is a luxury tea or coffee or chocolate you have been dreaming about trying. Now is the time.

Just be sure to purchase your Valentine’s Day gift for yourself early enough that it arrives in time, and you can fully enjoy it on the day of.

Family Time

If you are a single mother this Valentine’s Day, honestly, bless you. Single moms make the world go ‘round (not to take away from the single dads out there rocking it.) My own mother was a single mom for seven years of my early childhood, and I honestly would have lost my mind if I had to do that.

As a single mom, you have to do it all: cook, clean, pay the bills, calm the nightmares, and help with the homework.

So, this Valentine’s Day, make it about you and your kids! Plan a special activity together. Make each other Valentine’s Day cards. Find a craft online and make it together. Pop some corn and watch a movie. (I highly recommend Soul from Disney/Pixar if you have not seen it yet.) Maybe show them your favorite film from when you were a kid!

Bake with Your Kids

Baking with your children is always a special treat. Children as young as two or three can help with adding ingredients, stirring and kneading, and even peeling or chopping fruit (with supervision). They can help roll out dough and cut out cookies. Older children can help with more advanced baking tasks.

Cooking with children is also an incredible learning activity. It helps with skills like following directions and math. When I taught preschool, we cooked with the kids about once a week.

The best part about this plan is that you get to eat whatever you make after. Nothing tastes sweeter than a treat your kids helped to make.

At-Home Spa Day

An at-home spa day is the ultimate in pampering yourself. Use this COVID-19 Valentine’s Day to really go overboard with this one. Take a bath, light some candles, and put on relaxing music. Don your fluffiest bathrobe and drink a glass of wine or beverage of choice. Paint your nails and apply a face-mask. Self-care is important, and this holiday is the perfect excuse to really buckle down and let yourself know how much you care.

Watch Some True Crime

There is a certain stereotype about women and their love of the true crime genre. It is not that we secretly yearn to kill anyone. It is instead about our own feelings of safety and comfort. There is just something cathartic about watching a dramatic reenactment of a murder. Why? Because it is not happening to you.

Sure, you are single on Valentine’s Day. Things could always be worse. You could be dating someone horrible, such as a violent criminal. Instead, you are alive, safe, and comfy at home. So, celebrate your own safe single life by curling up in your favorite pajamas and watching some true crime docs.

Order Take-Out

Order some take-out from your favorite restaurant and enjoy. For extra bonus points, combine this one with any of the other activities here.

Ordering take-out from a local restaurant helps your neighbors and the local economy and supports small businesses as well. Eating it at home limits your exposure to other people and makes it OK to wear sweatpants.

Call Family Members

Instead of feeling lonely on this day of romance, spend some time connecting with your family. Make some phone calls or set up a video chat with your loved ones. Give your grandmother a call and tell her about your day. Set up a Zoom session with your sister. Catch up with your aunt on the other side of the country!

Talking with family members is a great way to remind yourself that you are loved. Valentine’s Day does not have to be about romantic love. It can be about familial love instead.

Feel free to substitute calls with your friends if you prefer. They love you too.

Snuggle Your Pets

If you are like me, you have too many pets, but you love them all. Who needs a partner when you have a dog? Take some time to show your pets some love on Valentine’s Day. Give them a special treat and enjoy their affection.

Personally, I will be enjoying a glass of my favorite wine while I watch some true crime and cuddle my cats. I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend any day.

Whatever you decide to do this year to honor and value yourself, remember that you are important, you matter, and never compromise yourself.

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