‘We’re fighting,  and we’re winning’

‘We’re fighting, and we’re winning’

Here we go again. Woot, woot! Give it up for the nearly 1,300 women who will take part in the sixth annual Tri-For-A-Cure on July 21 in South Portland.

We are so proud to be a part of this fabulous event (for the sixth year) and so proud of every participant and everyone involved behind the scenes who make raising more than $1 million for the Maine Cancer Foundation a priority.

When I read the stories each year for this special issue of Maine Women, I am filled with a sense of awe and admiration, and I am grateful to everyone involved. The Tri was founded in 2008 and is billed as the only triathalon in Maine exclusively for women. In its first year, the event raised over a quarter-million dollars. Heading into this year, the Tri has raised a total of $3.6 million in cash and more than $4 million total in cash and in-kind donations. The goal for 2013 is $1.2 million.

The money raised goes to the Maine Cancer Foundation, where most of it is used for research. Maine has a higher rate of cancer than other states for a few reasons: the population is older, we have more smokers and we are spread out geographically.

“We’re fighting, and we’re winning,” said Tara Hill, executive director of the Maine Cancer Foundation. “A hundred years ago, if I told you we would beat smallpox, you wouldn’t believe me. Fifty years ago, if I told you we would beat polio, you wouldn’t believe me. Beating cancer is hard, but today there are effective treatments for many types of cancer and the promise of more to come, but only if we try.”

I think Tess Nacelewicz’s story on page 13 about “Team Cure-ageous” sums it up nicely, when one of the race participants, Sarah Piper, says, “We’re just fighting for a cure.”

Thank you for being part of this event with us again this year.

Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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