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Sometime in the middle of the summer, one of my stylish employees said this to me: “I was thinking about getting you a gift certificate for a pedicure.”


She was staring at my exposed, dry, cracked heels and my chipped toenail polish. Some women may have been offended by this comment. I just burst out laughing. I told her that I didn’t need a gift certificate for a pedicure – I need a gift certificate for time. Who has time to go get a pedicure? Let’s face it, I love a good pedicure. I would have one every week if I could find that extra hour or two in my schedule.


I do love to have my toes done, my nails and my hair done, and I love, love, love to shop. My sixth-grade geometry teacher said, “That girl has a style of her own,” on the day that I was the very first middle-schooler to wear gauchos and a felt hat to school (sometime in the early 1970s).


As a grownup, my challenge is not finding wonderful things that I love, it is finding the time to first buy them, then iron/wash/prepare and get them on my body. That’s why I fall into the trap of wearing the same-old, same-olds, week after week. The other challenge, of course, is to find something appropriate for my 50-plus-year-old body when what I really want to wear is the same stuff as my 20-plus-year-old daughters.


Whatever your style is, no matter what your challenges are, we have something for you in this issue of Maine Women – from head to toe. Enjoy every last detail and all of your festive outfits for this holiday season. And, if you don’t find the perfect gift under your tree, we have some wonderful suggestions for you to indulge yourself with.


Peace and joy to you and yours for this whole holiday season and all the best (and most stylish) wishes for a fabulous 2013.


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