Pregnancy in all its glory

I love all of our issues of Maine Women magazine. But, the pregnancy and childbirth issue is one of my favorites. I’ve probably written here before about my two vastly different pregnancy and childbirth experiences, which ultimately brought me two extremely wonderful, but very different, daughters. I didn’t mind being pregnant. It was awkward and I was sick, but in general I enjoyed it.

I didn’t enjoy the maternity fashion that was popular 25 years ago. I was on the cusp of the era of pregnant, bikini-clad women – but not quite there. I would have liked that better. But, as a senior manager at a daily newspaper, and the first in that group to become pregnant, my style options were very limited. Both of my kids were born in the spring, so I was mostly pregnant in the winter. I wore a lot of smock-type dresses and “jumpers.” At the time, I was fashionable, but I really hated them. I gained 18 pounds the first time I was pregnant and 20 the second time. I was really all baby and boobs (the latter very welcome), which made maternity wear even less flattering. My tummy got so big the second time that I couldn’t find a pair of overalls big enough to snap over my belly. And, having been blessed with an “outie” belly-button, I had to wear a Band-Aid over it for much of my pregnancy; otherwise, it looked like I had a little penis, front and center. Pregnant women in the 21st century have better options and a more accepting audience. Read more in Lucia Davies’ story, “Bump up your style,” on page 7.

Pregnancy and food cravings are two things that often go together. I didn’t have any real cravings, but I certainly had aversions. Anything that had a strong smell was off limits for me. Even if I liked the food, I literally could not get past the smell. I drank a lot chocolate frappes in my first pregnancy. I remember they just tasted so good to me at the time. Yes, whole milk, full-fat chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup – from Ben & Jerry’s on Exchange Street. I haven’t had one since. In my second pregnancy, I developed an intolerance of garlic. Prior to that, I was kind of a garlic freak. Since then, I really can’t tolerate much of it. I use fresh garlic in cooking, but I wouldn’t even consider a piece of garlic bread today. Funny. We’ve got a couple of articles in this issue about food, see them on pages 10 and 14. There are some good recipes there, too – pregnant or not.

Finally, I want to bid a fond farewell to our much-loved KTB (Katie Bell), who has been penning our Quarter Life Lessons column for a few years. Katie is just too old now.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Maine Women as much as I have. Thanks for reading and, as always, keep in touch.

Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews

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