Our entrepreneurs have much in common

Our entrepreneurs have much in common

Passion, perseverance, persistence, along with drive, determinations and dreams – that’s what I found to be the common threads that run among the 10 entrepreneurs that we feature in this issue of Maine Women. From practicing law to making candy to healing, the women we’re featuring all agree that you have to love what you do and want to do it more than anything in order to create and build your own business.

These Maine women are in good company with women all over the U.S. According to Elizabeth Isele’s piece, we are entering into the “Decade of the Woman Entrepreneur,” as described by the Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.

The women we talked to for our profiles seem to be split on whether there are specific skills inherent in being a woman that are a plus in starting a business. Many say that gender doesn’t matter; others agree that a talent for multi-tasking (often associated more with women than with men) is a huge help. I can say for certain, from my own experience in starting and running a business, that the ability to multi-task and do it seamlessly is at the top of the list of job requirements.

Every year, we have more and more strong women in leadership positions who set the tone for the rest of us to step up and make things happen. Look around, on a national and international level, in Maine and in your own community, you will find women that you can learn from and women who are happy to help you to succeed.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a business or is in the middle of a career running a business to find someone that you admire, outside of your own business, and use this person as a resource. For me, going to school in Boston every week for the last 18 months to earn my MBA has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about how others run their businesses. This, along with finding a strong mentor right here in Portland, has made a big difference in my life as a business owner.

I hope you enjoy reading the profiles of the women in this issue and learning more about their businesses. Here is some information on my business: Current Publishing is a locally owned and operated company serving more than 30 communities with hometown weekly newspapers. Established in 2001, Current Publishing reaches more than 100,000 readers throughout southern Maine every week. Dedicated news professionals bring readers local news, information and features that can’t be found anywhere else. The company’s constantly growing website, www.keepmecurrent.com, offers breaking news and other exclusive content that is updated daily. Current Publishing also produces a solid lineup of full-color lifestyle magazines that are available throughout southern Maine. They include Maine Women, Food Etc., My Generation and 95 North.

Thank you for reading this month’s Maine Women.

Lee Hews, publisher

Maine Women: Feb. and Mar. 2013 – Success Stories

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