Just 1,093 recipes to try this week

I spend most of my day thinking about food. What do I feel like making for dinner tonight? What do I need to stop and pick up at the grocery on the way home? What should we have for family dinner night on Sunday, when all the kids come?

And now, in my spare time, I have become addicted to Pinterest, where I peruse all of the recipes and “pin” about 10 or 25 or so each time in a folder that I call “recipes to try this week.” I’m up to 1,093 recipes to try this week. Too bad I have a full-time job.

I’ve always thought that the key to sensible eating and nutrition (and life in general) is balance. When my kids were little and asked for a snack, my usual response was, “What have you eaten so far today?” Sometimes I would let them have a treat, or sometimes I would tell them they needed three more fruits before they could have a cookie or whatever. I’m happy to report that both my kids are adults now and have grown into full-fledged, healthy “foodies.” I never really “struggled” with foods, though many people do (read more on page 6), but I have come to learn and understand the impact of food more and more. I think the key to food is to really know what you are eating from the perspective of nutrition, calories and impact.

These days, I think a lot about healthy, low-calorie, locally sourced, fresh foods. I’m keenly aware of how everything that I put into my mouth is going to have an impact on my body, my well-being, and ultimately my longevity. For me, it’s not only the food – though that is a huge part of it – it’s the diet and exercise combination that I strive for and struggle with. In this issue you will meet a number of women who have made their lives all about food. From registered dieticians to cheese-makers, to gourmet ice cream providers and pastry chefs, we have a wonderful variety of women for you to meet and lots of recipes to try.

Speaking of recipes, we have a section in this issue on mom’s favorite recipes (page 8). Like me, my mom cooked dinner most every night, and it was typically well-balanced with protein, fresh veggies and a starch – usually white potatoes. Thinking about her recipes is still very comforting for me. I loved my mom’s tomato macaroni soup, which was so simply prepared with fresh tomatoes (or canned whole tomatoes), onions and shell macaroni. I am a tomato freak, and I think this is the origin. I also loved my mom’s shepherd’s pie and her creamed chicken, and her trifle dessert. I loved her friend Ellie’s stuffed cabbage, and my grandmother’s pancakes. What did your mom cook? What’s your favorite dish to prepare? Feel free to share with us.

Thanks for reading Maine Women magazine. Look for our next issue – all about relationships – on the stands May 13.

– Lee Hews, Publisher

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