It’s great being a mom

It’s great being a mom

I am so happy to learn that little Livi is thriving. You can read all about this strong little baby in our follow-up story to her very pre-mature entrance on page 9 of this issue of Maine Women. I have thought many times about Livi since we first wrote about her in January, hoping that she and her mom were OK. I think that they are going to have a very special and beautiful life, if for no other reason than they have fought hard to be in this place together.

I always look forward to reading the stories in Maine Women, but this issue, I think, is my favorite. I have had such a great experience as a mom and stepmom that it pleases to me read about other moms and their journeys. That’s the fun part, I think, the journey. My own journey with my daughters has taken many turns and twists over the years, and as I have always said, it just gets better and better – even now, when they are 21 and 24, with 22- and 25-year-old stepsisters mixed in. My oldest daughter now works with us here, and is loving her new career in graphics; my youngest just moved home – or at least moved her stuff home – after living in her own apartment for 21?2 half years. I am helping my oldest stepdaughter to plan her destination wedding, and I just had the great honor to watch my younger stepdaughter present for her major qualifying project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am pretty sure that I am the luckiest mom in the world.

Lots of my mom-ness centers on food, like Joanne Lannin writes about in her regular “Table Talk” column on page 16. Most weeks we have some or all of the kids, along with their significant others and, of course, their dogs, over for dinner – often on Sunday – but that ends the traditional part of it. I am a relaxed and unfussy cook. I like everyone to kick back, enjoy and be happy. I don’t mind that child A only likes corn and green beans; child B is dairy free; child C needs her broccoli steamed perfectly; and child D had better not see a mushroom within two feet of her plate. Who cares – the grill is fired up, the stove is on, and you can steam a whole bunch of different vegetables in the same pot so everyone is happy. I differ from my own, “eat what’s on your plate or go hungry” mother. We all get a kick out of my husband trying to figure out which of the 10 burgers is stuffed with goat cheese, which has blue, which of those is medium rare and which should go on the toasted or untoasted roll. On these nights, we eat at the big table and linger long, laughing at ourselves and each other.

I think you will enjoy reading all of the stories in this issue of Maine Women. There are so many different types of moms, but it seems to me that they all have a very strong common bond that is central to being a mom and loving your kids.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms. And thanks for reading.

Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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