‘Good Sports,’ great backstories

The 2012 Summer Olympics were, indeed, the “Year of the Women.” From pole vault to soccer, swimming and beach volleyball, gymnastics, hurdling and basketball, women ruled on the podium this year. Watching the games from time to time, I was struck by how powerful it is to see the women’s passion, drive and commitment to be the absolute best they can be. And, with few exceptions, they were all “good sports.”

It’s a timely coincidence that our September issue of Maine Women magazine is out just after the conclusion of 2012 Summer Olympics. But it’s no coincidence that we feature Julia Clukey, 2010 Olympian luger from Maine. Julia, like the others who competed this summer – and all of the women we feature in these pages – is an outstanding athlete. But, these stories go far beyond the athletic accomplishments of our Maine women, and as you read them, you will find other common themes. Many faced huge, some even life-threatening, obstacles along their way. Elaine Talevi, an aerobics teacher from Cape Elizabeth, lost her husband. Abby Spector lost her sight for a time and nearly lost her life. Kimberly Kelly was paralyzed after an accident. These three women, and all the others that we have included, bring the same passion, drive and commitment to their sport that 2012 Summer Olympic medalists had.

It’s great to learn the backstories of these accomplished women, and understand why we chose them for our “Good Sports” issue. If you know others, please drop us line or take a minute to post on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.

Lee Hews, Publisher

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