Free grocery delivery for cancer patients in southern Maine

Free grocery delivery for cancer patients in southern Maine

Throughout the country, online grocery shopping has opened up alternatives for those battling cancer or other debilitating diseases, helping individuals to maintain a level of independence that otherwise may not be possible.

Until recently, finding grocery delivery service in Maine could be a difficult and costly venture. For individuals who may be unable to drive or shop due to illness, the ability to get groceries could be a determining factor as to whether or not they are able to continue living independently. In the past, many in need of grocery delivery service have had to rely on family members and neighbors, but for those who are isolated or whose family is out of state, this may not be an option.

In response to the growing need for grocery service, a new business has opened in Scarborough called MaineGroceryDelivery.Com. Individuals in nine southern Maine towns can now order their groceries online and have them shopped for and delivered to their door for a low fee of just $10 per delivery. For individuals receiving cancer treatment, MaineGroceryDelivery.Com offers free delivery within their current delivery zone. The business also offers free delivery for families receiving hospice care. If you would like more information on receiving free delivery, contact MaineGroceryDelivery.Com via their web site or email at

MaineGroceryDelivery.Com is an online grocery store featuring over 5000 popular grocery items including fresh produce, meats, organics, kosher foods, and just about everything you would find in a traditional grocery store. The easy-to-navigate web site is set up like a traditional store by aisle and shelf, showing photos and prices for each product listed. Customers simply click on the items they would like to purchase, select a delivery time to receive their groceries, and proceed to the online checkout where payment is made electronically. Groceries are shopped for at local grocery stores and delivered as early as the next day.

Online grocery shopping is not only a great option for those in need, but can also save the average shopper both time and money. By avoiding costly impulse buys and the gas expenses associated with shopping, you may find that the savings is far greater than the $10 delivery fee. Instead of spending Saturday at the market, it can now be spent on the golf course. There are no commitments or contracts involved in using the service, so whether it is used just once by someone visiting from out of state or is a weekly substitute for traditional grocery shopping, it is entirely up to the customer how and when they shop.

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