Food, glorious food!

I don’t consider myself a foodie. Many of my non-cooking friends have said that I am, but compared to real foodies, I am an amateur. I do love everything about food. I enjoy growing food when I have time. I like to look at food at the grocery store and farmers markets. I spend countless hours reading food magazines, cookbooks and Pinterest posts. I enjoy cooking (again, when I have the time), but I don’t like what I refer to as “cooking on command.” I like the experience of preparing a meal for people I like and sharing the experience of eating together. When my kids were teenagers and then off to college, I would have family dinner nights that involved members of our immediately family and any friends my kids wanted to bring over. I have cooked for many of my work friends over the years, and I’ve found that sitting around the table with people offers a different perspective, a deeper insight into the real person. While some people just eat to fill the void, preparing and sharing good food is a big part of my life.

In getting ready to publish this issue, I had the great pleasure of attending a dinner party at the home of Candace Karu, our At The Table columnist. She has the perfect barn setting for a true “farm to table” meal, which is featured on the cover of this issue. Our MWM team was treated to wonderfully prepared and presented salads, breads and desserts and wine on a beautiful summer evening in Cape Elizabeth with the cool breezes blowing off the ocean. To say the whole experience was perfect would be an understatement. Candace is a fabulous cook and a wonderful host, and her home, barn and gardens offered a wonderful setting for a lovely evening.

The other great thing about getting this issue ready for press is learning about all the cool food-related stuff that’s out there. I was not familiar with the Butter + Salt “pop-up” dinners, but now I truly can’t wait to do this! What a blast it must be to go to a one-time offering that might be focused on a Middle Eastern feast, or Parisian artists of the Jazz Age. Read more on page 25. I have also learned about Fyood, a local food experience founded by Maddie Purcell last October. The experience at Fyood involves a group of people coming together as either judges or chefs to prepare and experience a meal made from a group of ingredients (no recipes) that chefs must use their imagination to create. Learn more on page 22. This is a really cool concept, and I would love to get a group together to do this.

I can’t wait for you to meet Bert Austin (page 10), a long-time food server at Musette, a restaurant in Cape Porpoise (formerly The Wayfarer). Bert has been serving up food, great service and lots of laughs for about 30 years. Diners return again and again, requesting to be in Bert’s section just to enjoy her unique charm. Bert’s mission is to make her customers feel welcomed and happy—and by the sounds of it: mission accomplished!

There’s much to learn and enjoy this month. Let us know what you think—we love to hear from you:

Lee Hews

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