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I was lucky to have a long break over the holidays in Carrabassett Valley. I was even luckier to be there when the first GIANT snow event hit overnight in the final days of December. We woke up in our warm, cozy cabin and found 30-plus inches of new snow burying the cars, the grills and everything else outside. It was beautiful and calm and quiet. For me, this is the only way to really enjoy a Maine winter. After breakfast and snow cleanup, we made our way to the Maine Huts & Trails Poplar Stream Trail for some snowshoeing. Someone had blazed a trail for a few hundred yards, stopped and turned back—but we forged on. My husband and another hardy soul took turns leading the way, breaking a new trail. It was very difficult, but a great workout, and soon we were all sweating and discarding winter jackets, gloves and hats. We didn’t make it very far—maybe a mile or so in—and we, too, needed to turn back.

I am not a gym person or someone who likes to attend exercise classes. So for me, the only option is to get outside and do something. It can be tough in Maine in the winter, with short days, to do this. But we have lots of options. In this issue, we’ve included several ideas in Ditch the Couch, page 32 and Embrace Winter Outdoors, page 12. And if you’re looking for great ideas on packing a perfect lunch for those outdoor adventures, read At the Table, page 26.

Many women do enjoy fitness classes, the gym and working out with others. Meet Nastassja Varney, page 15, who has found her passion in CrossFit. Nastassja finds that her three years of CrossFit workouts have paid off in many ways. In addition to losing 90 pounds, she feels better both in and out of the gym. While CrossFit is not for everyone, I have two stepdaughters who swear by it. Both young women have found a new community of friends and have completely changed their fitness life since joining. The added weight loss, healthy-eating advice and body toning are all bonuses.

If you are someone who prefers to be inside for your workout, check out some ideas for indoor fitness on page 20. If these don’t work for you, there are fitness clubs and gyms everywhere and dozens upon dozens of classes that you can find in just about every community. As Candace Karu points out in her Slant column on page 30, if the former leader of the free world (Barack Obama) can find time to work out six days a week, the rest of us really have no excuse. Have a great time, and thanks for reading Maine Women Magazine and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Lee Hews

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