Favorite Sweet & Savory Foods

We asked, you answered. Here are some of your Maine favorites, from delicious desserts to savory dishes you return to again and again.

“Brioche cinnamon buns from The Central Bean & Bakery (York)!”
—Katie Johnson

“Figgy’s (Portland) fried chicken biscuit sandwich. It’s amazingly decadent comfort food with mashed potato and gravy in sandwich form. So, so intensely good.”
—Lucinda Gail

“Lemon cookies (the powdered ones) from Grant’s Bakery in Lewiston. So so moist and chewy and delicious.”
—Emily Helliesen Day

“You have to check out Satellite Doughnuts in Kennebunkport. De-lish!”
—Russ Grady

“Love Holy Donuts!”
—Kelly Ann

“Baker’s Bench (Westbrook) Cream Horns”
—Karen Serunian

“The BEST homemade, family owned, ice cream around at Big Daddy’s Ice Cream in Wells”
—Jill Upham

“I have never met a person who’s eaten Palace Diner (Biddeford) potatoes who didn’t say they were the best potatoes they’d ever had.”
—Delilah Poupore

“Little Bigs (South Portland), all of it. Sweets, savories, all of it.”
—Sarah Sutton

“The Frisky Whisk in Gray.”
—Saridel Hoyt Hel

“Tony’s Donut Shop, Portland. Old-school goodness. They are the only place that make a donut that even come close to tasting like the ones my grandfather made.”
—Joie Grandbois

“I recently tried Cape Whoopies…they were so yummy and the flavor was amazing.”
—Enid Arvelo

“Village Donut in Windham! Yummy warm donuts are the best!”
—Sherry Morrison

“Biscuits & Company (Biddeford). Amazing pastries, breakfast and lunch fare, with the most welcoming vibe and service, with the owner herself often checking on you. It’s lovely!”
—Scott Marcoux

“Boulangerie Bakery in Kennebunk! Amy & Zack are amazing!”
—Jill Risley Roberts

“Ice cream from Sticky Sweet or MaineFlavor—both are woman-owned and vegan!”
—Avery Yale Kamila

“Cookie Jar Bakery (Cape Elizabeth). ALL DAY LONG.”
—Rivkeh Sahlin

“Hifi Donuts in Portland and Cafe 64 in OOB makes incredible cinnamon buns.”
—Michelle Belanger

“Gross Confection Bar (Portland)…I have Brant Dadaleares’s desserts every chance I get.”
—Jessie Lacey

“Frosty’s Donuts (Brunswick) and Gelato Fiasco (Brunswick and Portland).”
—Anna Eleanor Jordan

“The poutine at Blaze Bangor is to DIE for! Also, MDI Ice Cream…sea salt caramel.”
—Melanie Brooks

“C Salt in Cape Elizabeth is dangerously sweet.”
—Bob L Fowler

“I love the Eighty 8 donut truck and their awesome little donuts.”
—Paula Henckel

“I love the sweet potato fries at Frontier in Brunswick. For sweets? I had a blueberry crisp at Darby’s in Belfast in 2016 that melted my heart. I have never had a crisp that came close to it since.”
—Frances Killea

“I love a dessert from Vinland (Portland): turmeric and parsnip custard.”
—Stephanie Takes-Desbiens

“Moody’s Diner (Waldoboro) for killer banana cream pie and coffee. Many a high school afternoon was spent skipping class with the gang (sorry, Mom!) to share slices of pie and mugs of joe at Moody’s. Lincoln’s Country Store in Warren, my hometown, is a surprising place to find pie perfection, too—a little convenience store with a seriously serious homemade pie counter! And the secret weapon sweet spot: Schoolhouse Farms, also in Warren, where the homemade cider doughnuts are always fresh and warm, crunchy on the outside and perfect on the inside.”
—Amity Stoddard

“Krista’s in Cornish!”
—Acadia Gantz

“The moose bomb at Foley’s Bakery (Portland).”
—Kevin Montminy

“Classic cannolis at Terra Cotta Pasta Co. South Portland and all the italian cookies (like the flags) at Botto’s Italian Breads & Pastries (Portland)!”
—Nicole Barna

“Scones, coffee cake and muffins and cakes and beyond at Katie Made Bakery in Portland (also, they’re awesome people)! And, the ice cream sandwiches at Eventide and soft serve at Honey Paw are go-tos for evening desserts!”
—Devin Green

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