Emerging Leaders – “Well done, ladies”

Emerging Leaders – “Well done, ladies”

It’s so fascinating to learn about the women who are profiled in this Emerging Leaders issue. They are so young, so energetic, so passionate – and so accomplished.

Singer-songwriter Amy Allen, for example, is just 20, and already she’s recorded two albums, participated in NBC’s “The Voice” and spent the summer performing at various venues before she headed off the Berklee College of Music this fall. The photo of her on the cover makes the point beautifully about her youth and promise.

Chelsea Callanan is 29 and is, as she says, “a lawyer on a mission.” In addition to her law practice, she’s a life coach for lawyers and business professionals – she provides mentoring one on one as well as through HappyGoLegal.com. She’s co-owner of a start-up called Revelation Massage. And yes, she does volunteering. Lots of it.

Lauren Downie, 33, who overcame weight and body image issues, is dedicated to inspiring women to embrace themselves no matter their size and to get fit in a positive, healthy way.

Nell Shipman, 32, a ballet dancer since age 4, is now in the position to fulfill her goal of bringing ballet to the larger community.

There are many other women featured in this issue, all equally as successful and influential. It’s an honor to be able to bring their stories to Maine Women readers.

Thank you to the readers who suggested many of the women we write about. Good calls, all.

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Jane P. Lord, Editor

Emerging Leaders

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