Elements of Style

During a lifetime of new relationships, we continue to add our own authentic personality to all of our styles. Sometimes styles change with the seasons, with age or with new beginnings.

Are you the bold and colorful type? Chunky Blue Necklace from VisibilityThis chunky blue necklace can make a statement with almost any outfit. During the day, it speaks to your creative side; for a night out—it can be the accessory that will make the whole outfit.

_LS21847Going dancing? Accent yourself with this beautiful piece we call “full of goodies” that will swing and sway with you all night long. Necklaces are hand- made in Guatemala.

Kazuri Beads from VisibilityWear these Kazuri beads (our MWM favorite) and exude culture and confidence. These one-of-a-kind beads are made from clay that is brought down from the mountains in Kenya. Each bead is carefully hand-shaped, polished, fired, painted and fired again. Kazuri is the Swahili word for small and beautiful.

Pink Silk Necklace from VisibilityPretty in pink. This piece will work well with a soft gray outfit, or accent a nice white linen blouse. Wear it day or night.

Fun. Fun. Fun. This funky colored Lucite bracelet is perfect for a day of fun. Gratitude Bracelet from VisibilityThe Gratitude Bracelet is decorated with the international symbol for gratitude and is made in Portsmouth N.H.

Enamel Watches from VisibilityThese popular, colorful enamel watches double as bold statement bracelets. They have easy-to-read, large faces and come in a variety of fun, vibrant colors.


All of these items, and many more can be found at Visibility, on Washington Avenue in Portland.

Content by Carie Costello, a Certified Color and Style Consultant who enjoys working with clients at her shop, Visibility, in Portland. Photos by Lauryn Hottinger

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