Easy style for pregnant and nursing moms

Feeling stylish during pregnancy and nursing can be simple, comfortable and affordable. Many of the clothes worn for pregnancy can also be worn by nursing mothers.

It is very exciting to see your belly growing every day. Wearing clothes already in your wardrobe is cost effective; however, it does stretch the clothes out, and they will look stretched after pregnancy. So choose carefully and only wear pieces that need “moving on” from your wardrobe.

As your belly grows, the goal is to elongate your body – to lengthen versus to widen your look. Anything asymmetrical will also make the body look longer. Leggings are every pregnant woman’s best friend, giving maximum comfort as your belly continues to grow. Dress up the leggings with a long tunic. Thicker and heavier fabrics can even disguise the fact that you’re expecting.

Whether you’re looking for something for work or a night out, the wrap dress is also a pregnant and nursing mother’s best friend. Add a blazer or unique jacket to your wrap dress. This is a great look for work, an event or a party. Blazers, jackets and cardigans are great for nursing mothers because they can easily be taken off or used to cover the baby.

If you are pregnant in the summer, a flirty dress will always make you look a bit taller. Go flowy – soft fabrics are wonderful for pregnancy. The maxi dress is a staple. It’s comfortable and stylish.

Color affects how you dress. Darker colors will make any area look smaller. Adding some color near your face will make your skin tone look much better. The goal is to draw the eye up. Putting the lighter and the brighter near your face will make people focus on you.

Accessorizing when pregnant is about making the body look longer. Longer necklaces draw the eyes down. That’s why chokers won’t work as well. Short pieces make you look wider and shorter. Another way to add length is to wear dangling earrings. Accessories are used to create a focal point. Bold accessories add a hint of style to any look. They will make any woman feel more put together, especially during the later months of pregnancy.

Scarves are a layering must-have for pregnant and nursing women. This is a way to add fun, color and pizzaz to a neutral top and bottom. It also creates a longer look, and it can give privacy to a nursing baby.

As far as handbags are concerned, go for oversized. A large bag will make a belly appear smaller, and it can be used for a baby tote bag after pregnancy.

For nursing mothers, the No. 1 goal to dressing is access for the baby. Button-down shirts are wonderful because they allow nursing in a discreet way, and they can be dressed up or down, however you want. Button-downs are easier to dress up for a professional look, so they are the perfect choice for working moms. Add a cute necklace, roll up the sleeves, wear the shirt oversized with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. A button-down always looks chic and put together.

During cold weather, it is hard to nurse in multiple layers. Cozy fabrics like chambray and brushed cotton knits are great to keep you warm and are soft on baby’s skin. Wool is, of course, wonderful, as well, but may irritate baby’s sensitive cheeks.

The T-shirt and the tank are perfect layering pieces for pregnant and nursing mothers. T-shirts are casual and comfortable to wear. Pick a shirt with a larger neck for easy use during nursing. Wear a tank top under clothes if you have to open, lift, pull aside, or unbutton your shirt or dress. Having a tank top underneath will give a better feeling of coverage. Choose a tank top with wider arm openings or a lower neckline so that you can push the tank aside or pull it down to accommodate your needs. Your stomach and half of your neckline will still be covered when you lift up or unbutton your top layer, so it’s an easy trick to feel less exposed.

Here are three tips:

• Don’t forget to put on a little makeup for the day. It will make you look better and feel better.

• The long, 44-48-inch necklace is your friend. A couple of them will lengthen your appearance.

• In choosing the best scarves, fabric is a big issue. Avoid the heavy, bulky fabrics. Choose long and light.

Accessorizing when pregnant is about making the body look longer. Longer necklaces draw the eyes down.Scarves are a layering must-have for pregnant and nursing women.

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