Dressing today’s perfect you

We are all waiting to lose 20 pounds, strengthen our abs or firm up our arms. Our most practical approach is to dress well the body we presently have. Women who dress the body they have today portray a more positive body image. A woman feels more confident when she is dressed in clothes that fit properly in flattering colors with accessories that are perfect for her personality.

Flattering colors bring out a woman’s best features. Wearing a melon pink sweater might be a woman’s best color because it accentuates her pink cheeks and lips. Or putting on an olive sweater will enhance someone with warm, golden skin. Adding a bright blue scarf will pop on a blue-eyed woman. Take this a step further by wearing makeup that enhances a woman’s best features. Makeup in the right colors can enhance the real you – just make you look a little more polished, more awake and more confident.

MWM Model on Path WebAddress your area of concern first. We all have one – no woman is immune. Make sure you get your clothing to fit properly over that concern, then find a good tailor to make the other parts fit. For instance, if you have a curvier bottom, get your pants to fit over your bottom. The waist will be way too big for you, and that’s where tailor can work the magic. If your pants fit properly, you will wear them a few times a week for many years. Your cost per wear is worth the investment. You can have tops, sweaters, dresses and coats tailored to your unique body. Accessories are for every body. The key to accessorizing is knowing what scale looks best on you. An example is the size of earrings. Choose earring size to harmonize with your body. If you are on the petite side, you want an earring around the size of a dime. If you are a medium-sized frame, a nickel size is perfect. If you are tall and have a larger frame, your earrings should be around the size of a quarter. Wearing a tiny, tiny stud meant for a newborn will not work for any woman.

Accessories are a visual way to project a woman’s personality. The more accessories a woman has on her body, the more attitude she has. Wear a scarf, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, watch, fun eyeglasses or sunglasses, interesting handbags, rings. If you think that is over the top, pay attention to the rule of three. Repeating a color, a shape, a metal, a feature (like a pearl) three times in an outfit will pull it all together. For instance, wearing a red scarf, red necklace and red glasses creates an outfit. Accessorizing is a key piece to projecting a positive self- image.

MWM Model-webFit is the key to looking your very best. There are no longer fit models in women’s clothing and there is no consistency in women’s sizing. Rip out all of your size tags because it doesn’t matter. Some women are curvy, some are straight and some area combination of both. Many clothing lines have pants that match those body shapes. Your body shape can also determine whether you look better in a scoop neck versus a V-neck. If you have a curvy figure, curly hair or a curvy face shape, a scoop neck or a curvy print or circular earrings will be an extension of your natural curves. Repeating those curves in your clothing is harmonizing.

Having correct colors, correct shapes of clothing, correct fit, and correctly scaled accessories will give you confidence regardless of body size. You will walk out of your house in the morning feeling like a 10.

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