Determined to excel in team sports

Determined to excel in team sports



Honored athlete

For Theresa Hendrix of Scarborough, a three-sport athlete at both Cheverus High School and Saint Joseph’s College, the joy of participating in sports includes pushing her physical limits and setting goals to accomplish.

When Hendrix graduated from Saint Joseph’s in 2014, she was honored as “one of the finest athletes in the history of Saint Joseph’s College Athletics,” according to the school.

In her senior year, she was named the Woman of the Year for the Great Northeast Athletic Conference. And during her career at the school, Hendrix also earned 38 academic and athletic accolades while starring on the college’s field hockey, basketball and softball teams.

In all, Hendrix played in 314 games helping her teams post a collective 256-96, win-to-loss ratio. She made 12 conference tournament appearances, including winning four Great Northeast Athletic Conference Championships and earning four NCAA tournament berths.

She graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and is now a health teacher at Westbrook Middle School. This fall she coached the JV field hockey team at Westbrook High School and is now coaching the JV girls basketball team at Portland High School.

When asked which is her favorite sport, Hendrix said, “I feel like my favorite sport is always the one which I was in season for. (Plus) they all offer such different experiences.”

Her hope is to continue her participation in athletics, both in coaching and taking part herself.

Her current goals include completing her first marathon next year. She also often participates in recreational leagues and also does the Beachbody at-home workouts.

What she likes about the Beachbody program is that it “pushes you physically, but also mentally to reach an end goal, while (offering) motivation and support.”

She said that winning Woman of the Year honors was both exciting and nostalgic because “it brought up memories (about) each teammate, each game, each coach and how every experience has impacted my life and will always be truly special.”

For Hendrix, “participating in sports and being part of a team is so important no matter what age you are. Beside all the physical benefits of being active, it also adds a feeling of community, family and working with others through obstacles (to reach a common) end result.”

She added, “I truly believe that getting exercise and being able to socialize allows for mental clarity and stress relief. Finding an activity that you love and taking time out of your busy, stressful lives to relax and have fun is key.”

“A quote I love is: ‘We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.’”

Hendrix strongly feels that participating in sports “prepared me for life” because through sports “I learned discipline, responsibility and accountability, (made) friends (and learned that) communication, passion, heart, hard work, challenges and obstacles are all ways we grow as individuals.

My coaches always said that sports are what prepare us for life. Now I can say that it is completely true. Being able to interact with others, work as a team, have a positive attitude, set goals, and (understand) that in every endeavor we must always put forth our greatest effort (is all) just like in a game, when we would always leave it all on the field.”

Theresa Hendrix of Scarborough was a three-sport athlete both at Cheverus High School and at Saint Joseph’s College, where she led her teams to winning records all four years.Theresa Hendrix of Scarborough was a three-sport athlete both at Cheverus High School and at Saint Joseph’s College, where she led her teams to winning records all four years.

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