Defined and enriched by relationships

When I began to think about this month’s Maine Women Magazine theme of relationships, I quickly had an image in my mind of a woman surrounded by words that defined the various relationships in her life:  spouse, children, siblings, parents, boss, friend, dogs, food, etc.  A woman is the center of her own universe, but in a way she is defined by all of the different relationships she has in her life.  I am a mom, but that’s not all I am. I am also a wife and a friend and a boss and a daughter and a sister, and it is in all of these relationships that I truly find myself.  I can dig further to understand more about myself as I relate to my environment, to nature, or to my kitchen. Who am I to my four dogs, how do they help define me or how do they help me to understand myself?

So many times we hear the story of a woman who is struggling not to be defined as one thing or another. I am not just a mom; I am not just a wife; I am not just a publisher. I am the sum of all of the hundreds of relationships that I have with everyone and everything around me.  This issue of Maine Women Magazine explores some of the many relationships that we as women have.

We welcome Maggie Knowles to our team of writers. She is taking on the parenting column. In this issue, she looks at the importance of having young children develop relationships with the “older” generation (seniors).  The overscheduled, overstimulated kids of the 21st century don’t spend a lot of time hanging out and chatting with their grandparents. We can fix this.  Read more on page 8.

For the meat of this issue, we asked three of our staff writers to write vignettes on  specific types of relationship in a woman’s life.  Each writer picked her own subjects and set about to create a snapshot of that relationship.  So you can read about a perspective on being a mom, a tribute to a deceased pet cat, a friendship that survived decades, the admiration and love of a spouse, and many more.  These are just tiny little glimpses into a few of the relationships that women have.  

I hope you enjoy everything we have packed into this issue.  Don’t miss our At the Table column on page 18, where Claire Jeffers tells of her coming of age in the kitchen and also includes a wonderful recipe.  Ask Andrew is back on page 20 with some new advice; along with Alana York’s tips in her monthly column, Polished, on page 30.  Let us know what you think. You can write to us, follow us on Facebook and find us at

Thank you for reading and have a great month.

Lee Hews

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