‘Courage, confidence and character’

‘Courage, confidence and character’

“Invest in girls, change the world.” This is the motto used by the Girl Scouts of Maine. I had the good fortune to attend their 19th annual Women of Distinction Gala, an event celebrating “women whose individual excellence and high levels of achievement distinguish them as outstanding members of their communities and exemplary role models for today’s girls.” This year, Eileen Skinner, president and chief executive officer of Mercy Health System of Maine, was named Girl Scouts of Maine’s 2016 Woman of Distinction. If you were a Girl Scout, you might recall the Girl Scout Mission: “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.”

As I was reading through stories for this issue of Maine Women, I was reminded of this mission statement often. Alicia Jeffords, for example, is the president of and active player for Maine Mayhem football (page 14). Jeffords, who is 35, says, “I love breaking boundaries in the sport.” She considers herself a pioneer as a coach and a player. “I am showing girls they can be whatever. And I love doing that.” This is so important and inspiring, and a great example of courage, confidence and character.

Also in this issue, you’ll meet Westbrook native Gretchen Carroll, who before setting out to hike the Appalachian Trail, spent two years in the Peace Corps volunteering in Micronesia. She said what might be my favorite quote ever: “It can get really monotonous,” she said. “If you start to get in a funk, it’s your job to change it.” Though Gretchen was speaking about hiking the Appalachian Trail, this sentiment can apply to just about every aspect of life. Read more on page 6.

I also want to applaud our Grown Up columnist Katie Bell for her (hilarious) piece on “hot yoga.” For me, it was not only laugh-out-loud material, but quite heartening to read. Find it on page 22.

Thank you again for taking time out of your busy life to pick up and read this issue of Maine Women magazine. I hope you have fabulous holiday season and all the best wishes for a successful 2016. You will find our next issue on the stands on or around Jan. 20.


Lee Hews

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