Comfort & Color at Bohemian Rose in Bath

The first time I walked into Bohemian Rose, located on Front Street in Bath, it was over 16 years ago. Owner Michelle Tibbetts greeted me at the door, and before I knew it I was trying on dresses for my bridal shower—an occasion I’d already had an outfit for.

The feeling I got trying on dresses in Bohemian Rose wasn’t like anything I’ve ever felt while shopping before. I wasn’t just in some store; there was a strong sense of community, much like the buzz you get when walking into your favorite coffee shop on a busy Friday afternoon.

I left that afternoon with the dress, but I brought something else home with me: an unforgettable experience.

And that’s what’s been keeping this hip little boutique in business for almost 20 years. Tibbetts caters to teens with her racks of prom dresses, but she also carries something for women in their 20s, 40s and beyond. She’s had women who have purchased dresses from her in their younger years come back and shop with their daughters—and they both leave with something they will wear for years. (The dress I purchased from her so long ago? I still have it, and I still wear it. My daughter has even borrowed it a few times.)

Tibbetts hosts festive wine nights with local designers and her shop is a place you must visit, even if you don’t buy a thing, because you will leave feeling happier than you did when you walked through the door. Here’s a peek at what this eclectic shop has to offer:


Photo by Katie Bingham-Smith

We all love our favorite sneakers, but elevate your favorite casual outfit with a floral leather pair and you can’t go wrong. These baby blues are $98 from Bussola—definitely a must-have for spring.


Photo by Katie Bingham-Smith

We all need a floral skirt in our wardrobe, and this one, also from Petit Pois, is perfection. It’s $74 and, when paired with a T-shirt and long necklace, creates a very pulled-together look that will leave you feeling as comfortable as your favorite pajamas.


Photo by Katie Bingham-Smith

This is a hip take on the old fanny pack, but functions the same way. If you want a hands free afternoon of shopping, meandering or strolling about town, this cute belt doubles as a pocket and can carry all your cash, phone, keys and lip balms. These pocket belts retail for around $30 and come in funky prints and colors.


Photo by Katie Bingham-Smith

This floral shirt from Petit Pois by Viviana G sells for $98. It’s sexy, fun and is comfortable enough to layer over your yoga clothes, but can be dressed up with a great pair of black pants or pencil skirt. Her designs have been seen on celebrities like Shakira and Gloria Estefan.


Photo by Katie Bingham-Smith

Laceless sneakers are always in fashion, and who doesn’t need a leather pair? These cute shoes from Bussola are $98 and can be worn with your favorite little dress or jeans. They can even give your cozy sweatpants a lift (not to mention the high comfort factor).

Bohemian Rose
106 Front St., Bath

Katie Bingham-Smith is a writer, shoe addict and mother living in Bowdoinham. She pays her kids to rub her feet and never turns down anything with caffeine.

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