Why did you choose to have or not have kids?


The January issue of Maine Women Magazine is all about the life choices women make. Deciding whether or not to have kids is certainly a big one (and the choice is sometimes out of our control). Thank you to those who shared their thoughts. If you’d like to get in on the next poll, be sure to like us on Facebook, where the poll is posted.

Andrea Parker, Scarborough
“I never had that overwhelming feeling that I wanted to be a mom, and I refused to succumb to peer pressure that having a child was something I needed to do as a woman…I love the children in my life—nephews, friends’ children, stepsons—but deep down I know I wasn’t meant to be a mom.”

Beth Taylor Weyand, Portland
“For me it wasn’t a choice, but a necessary, biological drive that started brewing when I was 21, increased hugely the first time I saw my niece when I was 26, and just grew and grew until Moss hatched just after I turned 36…I feel fulfilled with baby, work (at home), and a part-time home-dad who takes damn good care of our baby.”

Adria Moynihan Rusk, Falmouth
“I did want kids until my early 30s when I decided that motherhood wasn’t my path…It was a mixture of reasons like health, genetics, income, career path, internal and external resources, etc., along with societal reasons like how we care for our most vulnerable citizens (or how we don’t) and our attitudes toward climate change…But it wasn’t an easy choice.”

Stephanie Anne Doyle, Portland
“Wanted to but complicated legally and super expensive for the gays. Some states don’t allow adoption and some doctors won’t inseminate. Not ruling out being a foster parent though.”

Emma Bouthillette, Biddeford
“I’m a little more on the fence than I ever was. But I think what side of the fence I fall on will largely depend on my future spouse (may he be out there looking for me)…I’d be perfectly fine having corgis as my “babies,” but if the opportunity came to become a mom to a little human, I would embrace it.”

Nichole Jandreau, Fort Kent
“My life before kids was awesome…Now, I find joys in watching teeth pop and hearing my name being said in tiny voices. Both of my lives have been gratifying, but now that I know this life, I’d have a hard time to go back to the other.”

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