Cholesterol Content

To help people make smarter choices about foods and to learn the cholesterol content of many of their favorite choices, here’s a list of the cholesterol content of common menu items:

Whole milk (1 cup): 33 mg

Low-fat milk (1 cup): 10 mg

Non-fat milk (1 cup): 4 mg

Whole yogurt (1 cup): 29 mg

Non-fat yogurt (1 cup): 10 mg

Butter (1 teaspoon): 11 mg

Margarine (1 teaspoon): 0 mg

Egg (1): 212 mg

Salmon (3.5 ounces): 63 mg

Crab (3.5 ounces): 52 mg

Lobster (3.5 ounces): 71 mg

Shrimp (3.5 ounces): 194 mg

Squid (3.5 ounces): 231 mg

Lean beef (3.5 ounces): 78 mg

Sirloin (3.5 ounces): 89 mg

Veal (3.5 ounces): 135 mg

Lamb shank (3.5 ounces): 106 mg

Pork tenderloin (3.5 ounces): 79 mg

Pork chop (3.5 ounces): 85 mg

Ham (3.5 ounces): 53 mg

Chicken no skin (3.5 ounces): 85 mg

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