Children’s gym grand opening

Tumble Tikes, a developmental gymnastics, sports and wellness center for children, is having its grand opening March 1-4. This children’s gym is the first of its kind to come to the Greater Portland area. Tumble Tikes offers gymnastics classes, sports and games, FIT-tikes night out on the first Friday of each month and open gym to children ages 6 months to 13 years old. Classes for those 6 months to 31?2 years are specifically designed to encourage parents and their children to have fun together.

Enroll your child in a class during the grand opening and receive 50 percent off the annual membership fee.

Tumble Tikes, owned by Kim and Tim DeMado, is located in the back yard of the Bayside Trails. Focused on challenging children with all aspects of athletics, including balance, eye-hand coordination, flexibility, and strength, Tumble Tikes is a venue for building positive body image as well as physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

You can find Tumble Tikes just off 295 and Marginal Way in Portland, near World Gym and Play it Again Sports.

A Closer Look

Tumble Tikes grand opening

March 1 and 2: 9am-12pm, and 4pm-7pm

March 3 and 4: 9am-2pm

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