Cate Brown & her key necklace

I created my necklace years ago and it has become my favorite piece to wear. The vintage keys symbolize another time, stories of another place, hands of generations past holding them, turning them, locking them—unlocking myriad doors, cabinets, lockets, diaries. They represented protection and safety. Perhaps, even, they were the keepers of dreams and mysteries.

Each key once had its own unique purpose. Each key has been touched and carried throughout history. Who were all these people who held my keys at some point in time? What were their lives like? Where did they live? What were their hopes and dreams? They never could have known that the keys in their hands would one day belong to a woman who would wear them and cherish them for all that they are, all that they represent.

The keys are strong. To me, they represent strength and resiliency, like many of the people who held them years ago. We are forged together in the passing of time and with the passing of these keys.

One day my granddaughter Justice will have them. She has loved them all throughout her young years. We will be forged together in love and strength. The passing of the keys.

Cate Brown lives, loves, writes and creates art on the coast of Maine, where she cherishes the stunning views of nature and the wonderful community spirit that thrives in her local villages. She loves family, friendships, community, laughter, books, bookshops and coffee. Lots of coffee. She finds her soul homes in Maine, Colorado, New Mexico and Ireland.

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