Caroline Cornish & her violin

I love my violin for so many reasons that it’s actually hard to explain in just a paragraph or two. My mom’s brother was my violin teacher growing up, so it connects me to him, and my dad’s parents bought my violin for me as an early high school graduation gift before my senior recital, so it also connects me to them. I find it is impossible to play music without complete focus. caroline-cornishWhen I play my violin, I can’t think about work or personal stress, I can only think about the music. It’s an incredible stress relief. But it’s also taught me the value of hard work (practicing is not always fun), it’s made me a better listener and it’s given me opportunities to meet people from different cultures who share the same musical language. I stopped playing violin for six years after I left college because I couldn’t find a group to play with. When I started playing again here in Maine with the Midcoast Symphony (a community orchestra based in Topsham and Lewiston), I actually felt like a piece of me had been missing all that time. I’m not letting go of it again.

Caroline Cornish co-anchors 207 and News Center at 11 on WCSH-TV and WLBZ-TV. She’s also a wife, a mom, a Red Sox fan and an amateur violinist who has been playing since the age of 6.

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