Brenda Cyr & Surfing

I love everything about the ocean—the taste and sting of the salt, the solitude and quiet, the power of the waves and tide. Surfing is one way I get to be in all of it (even in the winter, when my eyelashes freeze on really cold days). I am drawn to that feeling, when it all comes together into that perfect ride. It’s also challenging (by far the most difficult sport I’ve done), but it’s something I can do with my kids now, too. Surfing wakes me up. It calms me down. It makes me happy. I even adore how the smelly shower at Higgins Beach can feel like a spa. And I love the community of surfers and the passion we share. Surfing gives us all a connection to nature and something much bigger. But the best reason to surf: It’s fun!

Brenda Cyr is a yoga instructor and co-owner of Willard Beach Studio. She lives in South Portland with her husband, two sons and dog Mazie and seeks out the water whenever she can.

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