Beginning a life together


Weddings come in every variety—formal and elaborate, quiet and intimate, raucous and lively. They’re a celebration of love between two people, marking the start of the couple’s new life together. And in small ways and big, a wedding encapsulates who they are, the people who love and support them, and even the food, music and settings that make their hearts swoon all year.

Meet four couples who chose to mark their commitment to each other with a wedding—one that brought together the people they love in ceremonies that were as unique as they are.


Photo by Greta Tucker

Toni + Dylan: An Urban Love Story


Photo by I AM SARAH V Photography

Heather + Barry: Sunrise Elopement on Marginal Way


Photo by Katelyn Mallett Photography

Kate + Katelyn: A Beautiful Day at the Farm


Photo by Rhonda Farnham

Lisa + Mark: Family First at a Second Wedding


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