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Owning a business doesn’t have to be a dream. In January 2006 I opened up Ann Harris Agency – Nationwide Insurance on the belief that I could make a difference in my customers’ lives. Helping, educating and caring about our customers and making sure that they are covered for life’s little mishaps.

Nationwide Insurance and its affiliates are part of a group of insurance companies based in Columbus, Ohio. The insurance company can trace its roots back to December 17, 1925 when the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation incorporated the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. The law in Ohio required that the insurance company recruit 100 people as policyholders. The first insurance agents employed by the infant company were able to recruit 1,000 people as policyholders, so when Farm Bureau Mutual started business officially on April 12, 1926, they had 1,000 policyholders.

The Ohio-based company began their business offering only car insurance to Ohio farmers. However, in 1928 the company expanded to offer car insurance to West Virginia farmers. Maryland, Vermont, North Carolina, and Delaware farmers were soon brought into the insurance company as well. Only three years later in 1931, Ohio Farm Bureau Mutual began to offer their insurance product to residents of small towns who were not farmers, and then in 1934 they opened up their products to people in large cities.

The year 1934 brought another important change to the young insurance company. This was the year when they began to offer fire insurance on top of their existing car insurance products. In 1935, the company that would one day become Nationwide Insurance expanded this division of their company by purchasing a small fire insurance company that was not doing well. They quickly needed more room, and in 1936 the company moved to the now-famous 246 Building in Columbus, Ohio. Continued growth through the ‘30s led to the company operating in 12 states by 1943. Eventually even the office space at the 246 Building was not sufficient to house the growing company. In 1951 they opened offices in regional locations across the country.

Since the insurance company was no longer offering insurance primarily to farmers, they changed their name in 1955 from Farm Bureau Mutual to Nationwide Mutual Insurance. This is the name the insurance company carries today. From 1955 to 1965, Nationwide Insurance expanded to the western states by opening offices in Oregon, which made the name applicable. They continued to grow, opening offices in 19 other states, causing them to reach a total of 32 states that offered their insurance products by 1965. They also had regional offices in Washington, D.C.

Now with more than $161 billion in statutory assets, Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world.

After being a critical care/trauma nurse for over 25 years, I wanted to do something for families before the worst day of their lives. Insurance is about protecting family assets – the people you love and the property you acquire. Providing services to address the needs of families as they change is what Ann Harris Agency is all about and I look forward to servicing this community and all of Maine and New Hampshire.

We have been awarded with multiple awards for customer service and top farm writers.

I tell families, businesses and farmers: “Quotes are free!! Try us out!”

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