Angela Adams

AngelaA RugThe Portland-based angela adams design company is known for its unique interpretation of the natural world. Design team Angela Adams and husband Sherwood Hamill translate organic concepts into inspirational designs for everyday living.

AngelaA plates“The way we live establishes us on a course toward our goals and dreams. Thoughtfully curating the objects we live with gives each moment more meaning and fuels the experience with soul,” Adams says.

Angela A Table-chairsAstral Garden, the company’s latest collection in 18 years of textile and furniture design, navigates through the deep layers of space. Largely inspired by the powerful energy of outer space, it is adventurous and other-worldly.

AngelaA Glasses“An evolution of our previous collection, Cave Fantasy, transported me from the Earth’s core into outer space. An exploration of the powerful energies and other-worldly landscapes of the astral world,” Adams says.

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