An important open letter to our readers

An important open letter to our readers

I sincerely appreciate your letter. Our magazine is done almost two months before it is published, to allow time for its design, printing, and distribution.
With that said, we try to bring women of interest, who are from Maine, to the table–for discussion, not to endorse their views in any way. This policy includes people whose views do not agree with our own.  In the case that you mention, this person’s views are not part of this magazine and are not endorsed by this magazine.
To that point, the interview does not speak about the vaccine issue. That issue was recently decided in a resounding, impactful way in a public forum, on election day.  Through the medium of the referendum, the public had their say, which is as it should be on an important public matter that affects the lives of many.

I sometimes wish the world would have all my personal views, but as we all recognize, within a democracy, and even within families, people hold alternate and sometimes (what are to us) alarming views. Still, Phyllis Stewart Schlafly had a protected right to her views, as much as Betty Friedan did. More recently, I read that the late Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean joined with her mother, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, to speak out against her uncle Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s stance against vaccines. I was moved to read their respectful published statement, reported in an article about Maeve McKean’s death: “We stand behind him in his ongoing fight to protect our environment. However, on vaccines he is wrong,” they wrote.

Women of Maine will continue to have a range of views, for better or worse.  That is what women and people are about.
Your views are very important, and I am so glad you shared them.
Please be safe during this horrid time in our history.
Your voice is appreciated and honored.


Sincere Regards,
Mary Barstow
This letter was posted a few days ago on Facebook. The post was attacked with threats against Mary Barstow and against Dr. Christiane Northrop … and thereafter taken down by Facebook.
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