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PORTLAND – On Feb. 13, a group of women entrepreneurs gathered in Portland to pitch their businesses to the members of Women Standing Together, a community of savvy business leaders and seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds and passions to support and grow women entrepreneurs in Maine.

After giving a brief overview of the high points of the individual’s organization, key opportunities, or challenges on the horizon, the entrepreneur had an interactive roundtable discussion with a small panel of advisers. The outcome: if the business is a good fit, Women Standing Together will invite the entrepreneur to present at a future roundtable session. During the roundtable sessions, organization members provide creative ideas that help move women entrepreneurs to the next level. For all involved, it is an opportunity to work side by side with other women where the participants feel inspired and energized.

A recent alumnae presenter of the roundtable luncheon said, “Women Standing Together has made a huge impact on our business. We were chosen to present our business challenge of rapidly growing and scaling our team while protecting our core culture, and were blown away by the experience. Not only did we find like-minded, strong, intelligent, creative women, as a whole they brought together some amazing solutions for us. The energy was contagious and it inspired my team members to new heights.”

Women Standing Together was founded in 2007 at the Maine Women’s Fund before it spun off as a separate nonprofit organization in 2012. It hosts four interactive leadership sessions and six roundtable luncheons annually.

“Women Standing Together was founded to provide advice, connections and confidence to take local women entrepreneurs and their businesses from good to great,” said Robin Hodgskin, board chairwoman. “It has been such a pleasure for us to work with and see so many local women go on to greater success with their business after being a part of our program.”

Women Standing Together addresses the needs of successful women leaders and entrepreneurs, and through its unique approach to networking, the participants are able to benefit from insights of others and gain confidence, while providing role models and mentors for women developing their leadership skills.

To get involved with Women Standing Together, email or see

Marty Hamre is program director of Women standing Together.

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