Adventures of all kinds

There are a lot of adventurous women around here, and I am so pleased to introduce you to some of them in this issue of Maine Women Magazine. You’ll also get to read about where the staff here at Maine Women Magazine love travel (in and out of Maine) on page 22. Traveling, adventure-seeking, exploring—it’s all so much fun and different for each of us. What I might consider an adventure, someone else might consider a snooze while another might shy away from it. That’s why it’s so cool to read about everyone’s adventures.

Several years ago, as my oldest daughter was entering her senior year in high school and my youngest was about to be a freshman, I planned a 10-day trip to Hawaii, touring three islands. Some might think that taking off for 10 days with two teenage girls would be enough of an adventure—never mind trying to pack and unpack several times during the course of the trip! I’m sure each of us has very different memories and recollections from this vacation. My girls might laugh about how they made fun of me as I tried to use a special camcorder to record our trip. (They spent half the time talking into their hands, mimicking me and my “recording voice.”) I might tell you about the photo I captured at sunset with both of my girls sitting side-by-side, their backs to me, looking out over the ocean on the shore of Kona with several sea turtles resting nearby. Or we may all recall the near-death experience we had in the public restroom at one of the state parks, realizing we had no exit as three scary-looking guys hung out right outside the door. No matter what we think of first—we would all say that we had a great time. There was snorkeling and hiking and sightseeing—and laughing. I think that’s what I remember the most. We could say that we laughed our way through Hawaii.

Maybe your idea of a great adventure is traveling alone. Meet Katelyn Michaud in our piece on traveling solo, page 16. Katelyn has been to 32 countries, mostly on her own, and she is never lonely. Thrill-seeker Jesika Lucarelli finds adventure in guiding others who are seeking theirs. Whether she is at Baxter State Park or rafting in Penobscot County, Jesika is busy outside doing really fun stuff. Read her story on page 18. If you are looking for a new adventure with a group of Maine women, you might be interested in the Alpine Women Collective and the group hikes they do throughout the year. Typically groups of 16–20 women go on guided hikes in Maine and New Hampshire, and hikers get to experience not only the physical aspects of getting outside and doing something active, but also the great camaraderie that goes with being part of a group activity. Learn more about these “Babe Hikes” on page 8.

I think you can use this issue of Maine Women Magazine as your personal guide to fun and adventure for the summer of 2017. There are so many great ideas and suggestions, you could have a great time just exploring what we’ve covered! Whatever you do, have a blast and enjoy your travels!

Lee Hews

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