7 Podcasts That Might Become Your New Favorites

1. Ologies

Ologies is a cool science-scentric podcast. Host Alie Ward talks to a range of scientists about what they’re studying—from squid to sports, laughter, birds, sex, the cosmos, volcanoes and more. It’s fun and light and will give you some serious science knowledge. (alieward.com/ologies)

2. Unladylike

Co-founders Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin explore what happens when women break the rules. Episodes cover topics like responding to catcallers, how to be a boss witch and the joys of having solid galpals. Also included, advice from resident grandma Rosalyn Koo and “a solid dose of delightful feminist rage.” (unladylike.co)

Gale Straub is host of the She Explores podcast, which is created for and about women who are inspired by time outside. An avid adventurer herself, she’s pictured above in Patagonia. Photo courtesy of Gale Straub

3. She-Explores

All about adventurous women and exploring the outdoors, She-Explores host Gale Straub introduces us to women from around the globe who revel in being outside, whether it’s a mountain peak in a faraway place or in their own backyard. (she-explores.com/podcast)

4. Pantsuit Politics

Conversations about news and politics, but with no shouting or insults. Hosts Sarah Stewart Holland (a progressive) and Beth Silvers (a conservative), tackle current events and what’s happening in Washington—from the gun debate and DACA to the latest political news. (pantsuitpoliticsshow.com)

5. Two Dope Queens

Seriously engaging, energetic and hilarious, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams host this live show out of Brooklyn. It’s realtalk about the real stuff women talk about—uncensored, flush with f-words and funny the whole way. (wnycstudios.org/shows/dopequeens)

6. Spiritualish

Hosted by Meadow DeVor and Laura McKowen, Spiritualish is like so many of the conversations we have with our girlfriends, where we talk about asking for help (and how we kind of stink at it), how we handle it when the crap hits the fan and other such topics. It’s “sometimes spiritual, sometimes not.” (spiritualishpodcast.com)

7. My Favorite Murder

A true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder shares stories of murder, which sounds dark, but it’s a pretty darn funny show, if that makes sense. It’s an excellent blend of dark tales and lots of laughter. (myfavoritemurder.com)

Check out these Maine-based podcasts

Women Taking the Lead
Local Jodi Flynn talks with successful women about entrepreneurship and self-development. (womentakingthelead.com)

Great Beer Adventure
Host Amanda Doughty shines a light on the passions, the creativity, the camaraderie and the community of everyone in the beer industry. (greatbeeradventure.com)

Maine Show Podcast
Stories of ordinary Mainers doing extraordinary things, hosted by Ben Sprague out of Bangor. (maineshowpodcast.com)

This Day in Maine
A daily podcast about what’s happening in Maine, from Maine Public. (mainepublic.org/programs/day-maine)

Maine Historical Society Podcast
The experiences of Maine people and the connections between local, state and national history, from the Maine Historical Society. (mainehistory.org/programs_podcasts.shtml)

Strong—The Iron Will Way
Scott Baumann, owner of Iron Will Strength in Westbrook, talks about strength, muscle gain, nutrition and more. (ironwillstrength.podbean.com)

The Gardenia Project
Local photographer Jen Dean shares moving and powerful stories of women with the belief that those stories bond us together. (jendeanphoto.com/the-gardenia-project)

Bach to Bock
Kevin and Matty Oates talk music and beer—specifically orchestral music, but they throw the stuffiness out the window. (bachtobock.com)

The Little Death
A brand-new podcast about death and dying hosted by “death-obsessed weirdos” Mackenzie O’Connor and JJ Peeler of Portland. (facebook.com/littledeathpodcast)

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